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I’d like to tell and share my weekend football experience during the week that the national teams plays and serie a and b take a break however lower leagues like serie c, serie d and eccezionale still continue on.
It was the 33rd (in total 38) match day of Serie C match between Pescara and Pontedera, both clubs have accumulated a reasonably good position on the table heading into the finals play off series, 6th and 7th, so a good match should be expected. The Adriatic seaside club Pescara started this season well but have fallen since late last year and dropped points, even a few 4-0 losses. This day having a new coach on debut, since the last manager Zeman having to retire due to illness or old age, not totally sure, so on the bench to take pescara forward is an ex-player Emanuele Cascione who has begun his coaching career recently, having only fully managed the Tuscan side Pistoiese in Serie D previously, but he has a historical past in the city, infact he is from the glorious zemanlandia 2011/2012 where the biancoazzurri fans lived through a glorious serie b season and promotion to the top flight of serie a. Today, only a good performance from the 11 delfini on the field would be enough to please the faithful.
Parked my car 15min walk from the stadium Adriatico, on the way stopping by a corner pub called Lo Sport Bar, a bar uniquely filled with Italian football club pennants inside, really cool, one particularly a large Ac Milan pennant that I couldn’t take my eyes off, truly beautiful. So, one local beer on tap down and I headed to the match. Having already purchased the tickets to the match earlier in the day, I headed straight to the tribuna at the half way point walking past the locals eating pizzette (a small pizza) or lamb skewers called gli arrosticini and drinking beverages from the one of many local bars in and around the stadium adriatica. On arrival I learned that the pescaresi in curva nord and distinti (another support group around the half way mark) would be protesting against the president of the club by not attending until the second half.
I took my place around the second half, tickets were not expensive as a €16 on half way wasn’t bad, you can sit where ever you like, as long as it’s not a seat of a season ticket holder. Regardless should it be the case that I’m sitting in someone’s precious seat, there were plenty of others around. The match began right on 17:30, the 11 in the field of Pescara showed right away that they were here to get the three full points. Very intense and precise attacking and man marking from the defence, which left only a few options for the visiting Pontedera side when they went forward. The stadium felt very quiet since there were no fans supporting from the stands, it felt almost like a training match. Only a few visiting fans turned up from Pontedera, and they did as much as they tried their best to spur their team by hanging their personal banners, waving their flags, singing their songs and including hand claps in unison. Space was difficult to find for both teams in the final stage of play. Still both clubs tried hard to break the defences. A few minutes before the first 45min, Pescara managed to get a great opportunity in attack and shot for goal, the ball bouncing off the visiting goalkeeper to the path of a Pescara player and shoot for goal… 1-0!
In the second half the determination was the same for both clubs, but more so for pescara. Defence was solid, midfield was being pushed to find space, it wasn’t easy and Pontedera pulled right back all but one player to defend, and the attack was trying but unsuccessful to penetrate the visiting defence. The home fans finally entered the stadium both in curva nord and the around the half way mark, where I was sitting, out came the bass drum, banner were put up, flags were waving and again in unison hand claps with choruses of songs, today mostly telling the president of the club to leave town and a few other songs… er you can imagine. A few red flares and flashers were lit from both sets of fans to create focus on them and to support the 11 on the pitch.
The match went on in a similar fashion as previously, plenty of attack but no goal from neither of the clubs. Match finished 1-0 to home club much to the pleasure of the home fans. Chatting afterwards to two friends who were also in attendance today, both hopeful of a promotion to Serie B in the play off’s but neither of them convinced that it will happen, one will see. Walking back to the car, as I passed through the departing crowd, I didn’t notice a festive feel in the air, neither a sad face amongst the fans, perhaps they are hopeful. Next week, pescara take on cesena away. An Emilia-Romagna club fling high in serie c group b, infact, Cesena are in first position ready for promotion away from the dreaded and difficult to exit serie c. Optimistic could be a word to describe the mood in the air, yet you couldn’t fault a pessimist attitude in moment in the latter stage of the season.


Italy played two useless friendlies in America as obviously the FIGC whored out the team to the highest bidder for the international break. First game was 2-1 to Venezuela in Fort Lauderdale, Miami & DollarRumma saved a penalty & second was this morning in Red Bull Arena in Jersey against Ecuador 2-0 with a rocket from Pellegrini in the 3rd minute then Italy did fuck all until the 94th minute when Barella scored with a cheeky chip after a lovely reverse pass from Orsini. - Italy v Venezuela ( Italian commentary )

Ecuador Italy - Ecuador Italy highlights ( South American commentary )


Italy national squad that plays in the USA, The Middle East and China with made in Italy stamps is good profit in more than one way though.

Serie C news!!! :laughing:

Cesena was promoted to Serie B today with 4 more match days left. The Emilia club win group b.


Easter weekend matches in Italy have been so far a delight to watch.

Serie A: Saturday Atalanta visited Napoli’s stadio Maradona and came away with all 3 points. A huge disappointment for the home fans which can also be seen on a few personal vlogs. Napoli 0-3 Atalanta.

Lazio 1-0 Juventus. I watched this match on replay (on my Sunday morning) and I must say that the olimpico stadium was in festive mood. Great match I have to say, as a neutral, enjoyed it very much. Both clubs play intensely as each other with a few chances between them both. Lazio putting away the goal in extra time, well deserved win.

Did anyone watch the Milan game?

Bologna-Salernitana the lunch time match 12:30 k.o., which should result another 3 points for the bolognesi and a further push for European football.

EDIT: Bologna 2-0 at the first 45’, Bologna 3-0 at full time!
Another great performance and three points in the bag. It took only 14’ for Bologna forward Orsolini to take a shot from the edge of the box under neath the bologna home terrace and get a great goal to begin the proceedings. Saelemaekers grabbed the second goal, another brilliant shot and goal just before the whistle blew for the first half. The visitors Salernitana played better through out the second half but they couldn’t do too much about Bologna attacks that had more precise passing and attacking finesse. Now, Bologna are minus two points behind Juventus who are third and 6/7 points in front of Roma, who play away at Lecce tonight.

Also, this is a huge month also for inter city derbies.
April 6 Roma-Lazio
April 13 Torino-Juve
April 22 Milan-Inter

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Sure did. It was a nice tribute to Barone at the beginning of the game. Maignan proving to be probably one of the the best keepers in Europe. I figure someone is going to offer us a dump truck full of money for Maignan or Leao at some point. I’d honestly let Leao go if the price was right. Keepers of that quality are hard to find.

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Looks like Mantova and Juve Stabia only need a couple of points to get promoted to Serie B too.

With Venezia’s loss on the weekend, Como move into the auto spots in Serie B, pretty tight for that spot with Cremonese only 2 points behind too. Parma looking good to go up champions.

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Parma lost yesterday to Catanzaro!!! :laughing:


Roma player Mancini takes a anti-lazio banner after :arrow_up:


What a weekend of football.

Blockbuster Rome derby was back and it didn’t disappoint, for me anyway. Is there a better derby atmosphere in Italy? Rome 1-0 Lazio.

Also interesting was Frosinone against Bologna the Sunday midday match. Even though the match finished 0-0, it was entertaining the full 90’. An away point for Bologna isn’t bad, almost won it at the end too. Still sitting pretty in 4th.

Sunday evening played Juventus 1-0 Fiorentina, for me it was a good game, but I couldn’t help but cheer for the viola, that shot at 75’ hitting the bar from Argentinian Fiorentina striker González was immense!

Serie C: Mantova have qualified for next seasons Serie B without actually playing thanks to the 1-1 result between Padova and Lumezzane, making the Padova side unable to catch up to Mantova. Apparently it’s been 14 years since they played in B.

Serie C: Cavese and Trapani have also qualified for next seasons Serie D.


Serie C: Juve Stabia has been promoted to next seasons Serie B championship. :tada:

So that’s all 3 automatic promotions done from Serie C! Once the regular season ends in about two more rounds, the play off’s and play out’s will begin. The regulations are a little confusing but the gist of it is, for those who want to know, one promotional position left from 3 groups of all the clubs that finish between 2nd-10th, plus the winner of la coppa Italia serie c, who infact this year is Catania. (:arrow_left: this is an additional cup to la coppa italia) To win and be promoted from this stage is brutal, but highly entertaining if your team sucked and didn’t qualify, blood draining if you are like me and have a squad still to qualify :fist::laughing:

Winners of each group Serie C
Group A: Mantova
Group B: Cesena
Group C: Juve Stabia

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crazy that a team finishing 10th can get promoted. Do you know the lowest position a side has ever been promoted from?

All it takes is a side to hit form at the right time of the season. Looking at my side Orient in League One, we are going to finish 10th probably and we went on a run this season of not losing in around 10 games and beating the top 2.

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Yeah but to finish up 10th there are alot of matches that you would have to play plus your current form explains your position on the table. I can’t think of any clubs finishing in the lower end of the table that have qualified for promotion, from memory it’s usually the clubs that finish near the top that usually qualify since the ones finishing 2nd or 3rd are close to the automatic promotion themselves.

Having a look at how it works.

This website is a great explainer - May Madness: The provincial charm of the Serie C Playoffs -

i didn’t realise it was structured in a way that heavily favours the higher placed sides., thought it may have been a straight knock out competition. In 2018 a side finishing in 5th place won though!


Nice win for Roma at San Siro today, puts them within touching distance of 4th place Bologna. If you conveniently ignore the Juve merda and both Milanese teams, it’s the same as coming first.

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Good win. Just about the perfect result for an away first leg.

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Surely Juve Stabia is not an actually football club, but a knife-wielding group of young ultras??

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A really good performance until the last 15 mins, they’ll be disappointed they didn’t get a 2nd during the period of dominance, but a great result. There were some brilliant passages of play, just missing something in the final 3rd. If they give De Rossi the job, there is a really good platform to build from though and they’ll improve up top.

The Turin derby so far delivering what it always does at first 45’…

…looking like Torino might produce and upset, until Juve take all 3 points in the end! Am I wrong…boh?

EDIT: Torino 0-0 Juve. I wasn’t highly impressed with this derby, similar to the match following Bologna 0-0 Monza, both clubs cancelling each other and lacked that precision in front of goal. Neither Juve or Bologna helped themselves for next seasons CL possibilities. Regardless, both stadiums sold out and the packed terraces sing proudly :clap: …Roma against Udinese later on Sunday could bring them closer and playing significantly better with De Rossi than Thiago Motta of Bologna or Max Allegri’s Juve imo.

Sunday lunch time match brilliant! :tada: Napoli 2- 2 Frosinone was on another level!
Loved every goal, even the ciocari’s first, which was a created fumble (:arrow_left: is that how you spell it?) by Napoli’s gk but well executed by frosinone’s attack. Sunday afternoon match at its finest :clap: even at the end the fans were not happy, pretty happy as a neutral though!

NAPOLI - Frosinone Serie A 14/04/24 :arrow_down: protest against the club