The Seria A Thread

Yes he does. According to he has played 28 matches in this years Serie B and scored 1 goal (1-1 draw against Sampdoria).

I’m not aware of any other Australian connections at Parma.

Serie C: The first phases of the play-off series will commence on May 7th. These matches are one off with the losing club eliminated. Matches are played in each stage 3 days apart.
A: Atalanta U23-Trento; Legnago-Lumezzane; Giana-Pro Vercelli

B: Gubbio-Rimini; Pescara-Pontedera; Juventus Next Gen-Arezzo

C: Taranto-Latina; Picerno-Crotone; Cerignola-Giugliano

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Shame Volpato has had a poor season at Sassuolo, only started 5 games including the last 3, but was taken off at half time in those 3. Looks like they are going down, so maybe a season or two playing weekly in Serie B will be good for his development, he’s still only 20.

It’s interesting that Roma pulled the trigger so early by selling Volpato after giving him a heap of first team appearances the previous season.

Based on what I’ve seen from him, seems like he may have a bit of an attitude problem.

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To my knowledge Sassuolo has a good system for players like him, and it would have been difficult to see him getting any game time at Roma if he had the opportunity to stay in the capital.
Sassuolo have many good players in midfield too, which can make a young players position difficult to maintain. The times I’ve see Volpato play, he has come off the bench and has had a lot of energy and good touches, yet he’s still learning and growing.
I would put Sassuolo’s league position down to the strength of other clubs in serie a at the moment and not the lack of something from them, Lecce is mid table 13th with 10 points ahead of Sassuolo, that’s only 3 wins and a draw! That’s just my draw from it.

REGGIANA- Modena 01/05/24 Serie B festa dei lavoratori

:arrow_up: the Reggio Emilia club have two sectors for organised support. On this day, after a 1-0 win, Reggiana secured their place serie b for another season. This is significant for them due to many previous years spent in lower league football.

Lecco- SAMPDORIA 01/05/24 Serie B festa dei lavoratori

:arrow_up: there was also samp fans in other parts of the little Lecco stadium!:fire::smiling_face:

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Serie A: siete i tifosi di napoli? Now, you can watch the entire 2022/23 third scudetto season from your lounge rooms! Coming out this week in Italy at cinemas the film: sarò con te (I will be with you). Should be out on netflix or paramount+ in Australia.

Also, there was also another Italian football film released in the cinemas this year: Genoa comunque e ovunque (genoa in anyway and everywhere) that celebrates 130 years of the club and it’s fans​:two_hearts:

Serie D: Cavese has been promoted to Serie C. The club is more famous for it’s supporters song Dale Cavese, which one time or another was sung at Sydney, if not today?

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SAMPDORIA- Reggiana 05/05/24 Serie B

:arrow_up: dedicated to the former player Sven-Göran Eriksson!

Sampdoria- REGGIANA 05/05/24 Serie B

:arrow_up: this banner is a reference to a song by a local genovese artist Bresh about his love for his club Genoa. :arrow_heading_down: fatevi a vedere voi :sunglasses:


Beautiful match between Roma-Juventus last night in Rome. Even for a 1-1 draw, hard to ask for better.

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REGGIANA- Parma 10/05/24 Serie B

Reggiana- PARMA 10/05/24 Serie B

:arrow_up: derby week in Reggio Emilia
Edit: the match finished 1-1, equal to both matches this season, neither won or lost the derby.

Serie B: Como have been promoted to Serie A following the final regular match day in the league.

Feralpisalò and Ascoli have been relegated to Serie C.

Play off and play out series to commence shortly. Imo, Venezia will get a the promotion as they have had a great season, but also Catanzaro and Cremonese have a good chance for the final 3rd promotional spot.

Serie D: former player and football club president of Clivense FC Sergio Pellissier, plus a few others, have bought the rights to the name Chievo Verona! The club should be commencing the following season with the Chievo name once again.

Serie A: sounds like a new manager at Napoli next season, I’ve heard rumours about Conte and Pioli.


BRILLIANT result for Bologna! If Roma beat Juve tomorrow, the bolognesi will take 3rd place :rofl: pazzesco!

Napoli- BOLOGNA 11/05/24 Serie A

Lecco- MODENA 10/05/24 Serie B

SERIE B: Ascoli Piceno has been relegated to Serie C, following a 1-1 draw on Saturday evening. Dopo, i tifosi di ascoli hanno mostrato l’insoddisfazione del percorso della squadra.

:arrow_up: the march before match!

:arrow_up: gelato time


Next round:



bologna-juventus :bomb:

The Monday night clash in Bologna will be interesting.

Were Parma only given a smaller number of tickets than the stand holds? Seems a poor away turnout otherwise for such a close match.

Roma last night were terrible, Atalanta should have won 6-0, penalty Roma won was a bit of a joke too.

Happy for Bologna, will be good to see them in the Champions League, they’ve been good to watch this season.


Apparently the away tickets were only 2000 in total to limit disorder and clashes.

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If Atalanta somehow overtake the Gobbi scum I will giggle like a schoolgirl.

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Atalanta have a decent chance of winning all three of their last games, which would mean Juve need to win both of theirs. If both happen, sadly Bologna miss out on a CL spot.

I’m 100% sure Bologna have confirmed CL already and looking at the table looks like Juventus too now, top 5 qualify and Roma in 6th are 7 point behind with 2 to play. 6th place would qualify too if Atalanta win the Europa league.

Side note: Atalanta’s stadium is looking awesome now the new stand is almost finished, it’s become quite an unusual stadium (in a good way) with the 2 large stands on the ends and the 2 small heritage listed side stands.


Indeed. I forgot the Champions League will expand for next season. The Wiki page for it confirms Bologna have made it. Huge!

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Juventus wins the coppa Italia for the 15th time!

Atalanta 0-1 Juventus

Juventus fans seem to be pretty happy with manager Allegri after the coppa victory, even the position in Serie A but Bologna’s current manager Thiago Motta is hot on the list to replace him at the Juventus bench. Silly to talk about this even before the end of the season imo.

Would be a shame if he went there. Hopefully he stays at least another season at Bologna to see them through their first champions league campaign.