The Seria A Thread

Serie A: 7th place Roma.


Daje! Non pensi tu delle altre squadre? Si beve sola la peroni, si mangia sola la carbonara e basta! :smile:


No, it is only Roma and whoever she is playing that week.

The that thing Roma does best, though. She will make a signing here and there, bring in a new mister, promise everyone Champions League or a scudetto… and then lose to Empoli. I love her but she kills me too.

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Amore tranquillo, ti ho preso in giro. Comunque, sento che c’è la possibilità che viene Chiesa a roma se si trovano d’accordo fra lui e il club.

Despite the performance of i Nazionale, I feel that Chiesa’s value has increased and there are some doubts that he will come to the Capital, even if he does want to break with Juve. Roma also need to replace Lukaku, Azmoun and Belotti. She has signed a French defensive centrocampista in Enzo Le Fee but may also lose Paredes. There are many holes to be filled. Tuttavia, non sarebbe calcio senza miseria :wink:

I’ve never been a fan of Bellotti. I know he works hard and has a great relationship with fans, especially Torino, but I just wouldn’t sign him if I was the owners. If I’m not mistaken, i think he’s now been taken by Como for the Serie A campaign.

Both Roma and Lazio will be in the 6th 7th positions once again, it’s a shame for such a huge capital city like Rome to not have at least one really competitive squad in the title race every season. Napoli on the other hand I think will bounce back from a disaster season.