The Thread to talk about Brexit


You can’t make this crap up


May’s deal gets voted down by the Commons 202-432 (including 118 of her own party), no confidence vote scheduled for tomorrow. Watching a political beheading in slow motion.


This feels like it is grinding towards a hard Brexit.


Thing is the no confidence motion will fail and the whole farce will stumble on.

I think the most likely course is an extension followed by another failure to come up with a model that will satisfy the demands of hardline Brexiters in parliament, because those demands are literally impossible to fulfill.

The only possible circuit breaker I can see is one of the major parties changing its platform to support a second referendum, and that referendum returning a crushing victory for remain. Basically the UK is fucked beyond repair.

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Surprised it got voted down after Neil Warnock’s ringing endorsement.


And lo and behold, the EU says nothing has changed…

And a delay to Brexit seems markedly less likely after it was voted down yesterday thanks to 14 rebel Labour MPs:


Democracy throws up some curly whirlies, doesn’t it?

Bring on a Utd Eire &a Free Scotland…I know Spain won’t be happy considering the Basque & Catalonia aspirations…


Brexit sure has let the conservatives 'take back control" hasn’t it?


british and australian govenerments having a race to complete some sort of stupid challenge


I feel like we’re not even close to the shit show in the UK. MP’s have voted down every single possible option suggested.

I may be wrong here, but the way it seems is that you have a portion of MP’s wanting to do a hard Brexit and to hell with the EU, a portion that want a soft Brexit and a deal made to help, a portion that want to remain in the EU/have another referendum, and a portion that are sitting on the fence. No wonder they can’t get any majority votes as no matter what is suggested, the other two major factions will vote down that suggestion. It’s going to be a complete stalemate and I can see two scenarios happening:

  1. Tusk and the EU get tired of waiting and refuse to extend the deadline, throwing the UK out of the EU, reforming the hard border in Ireland and screwing them over royally in trade.
  2. They call another referendum, the UK grows a brain and decides to stay in the EU

This is what will happen, and you can’t blame the EU for it.


As much as I hate Tusk and everything he represented in Poland, he’s handled this matter quite well. He’s had the semblance of being fair while at the same time, making it clear that the UK isn’t going to screw with EU and leaving won’t allow for favorable terms no matter what.


So it looks like May is surely done this time.


Assume Johnson will relish the chalice.


British and Australian politics are trying to outdumb each other constantly.

They are both doing so well.


Borris Johnson being taken to court for using his position as London Mayor to spread deliberate lies for the Brexit campaign. Will be interesting to see where this goes as the implications, if found guilty, would be huge! We’d finally see politicians getting destroyed for not coming through on campaign promises and outright lies…


Imagine if that happened here


Would there be enough lawyers?


I think we could round enough up