The TV Show Thread


Finished Dark. Pretty good overall, and ties up all the loose ends fairly well I reckon.


Never watched BattleStar Galactica, giving it all (mini series, seasons, tv movie, web based series etc) a go… Real challenge keeping track of it all. Not bad, but definitely not the Expanse!
What other hard sci fi TV shows are worth a watch?


If you’ve watched the expanse and battlestar …

Umm, do you want good? Or just a bit of fun guff?

The expanse and battlestar are probably the top of the pile, all else is poor in comparison to my knowledge.


Was thinking ‘good’. Not sure I can sit through a season of fun.


The Expanse (both the books and the the TV show) has really ruined other sci-fi for me.

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The HBO doco Mc Millions is currently on Foxtel, it’s the story of a guy who rorted the McDonalds Monopoly game for more than 10 years and more than $20m in prizemoney.

Should have been a tight 3 episode thing, instead it’s twice as long and dips in the middle a lot.


That’s the exact reason I hardly watch those shows.

Just tell the damn story


You could try Kill Joys and Dark Matter.

Stay away from Defiance.


If you are looking for good movies as well as series… “I am Mother” on Netflix flew under the radar when it first came out. It goes without saying that you should watch both the Bladerunner movies. Arrival was also quality as was Ex Machina.


Ex Machina was probably one of the best movies I’ve watched over the last decade.


The director, Alex Garland, also did the series Devs which was one of the best things on Fox this year.


These all look great - Kill Joys, Dark Matter, I am Mother and Devs. Have seen most of the movies mentioned. Thankyou!
RE Sci fi books, The Murderbot Diaries series by Martha Wells are outstanding.

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I still feel let down at the BSG ending.

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Fun fact you may not know, I Am Mother is an Australian film.


I would love to rewatch it all but knowing that it ends like that, I just can’t justify it.


Still, it was a better ending than GoT.

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I’ve permanently erased the real GoT ending in my memory and replaced it with this one. Makes me feel way better about the whole show.


To be honest, most of the stuff after the end of Season 3 was a letdown.


But there was still pew pew pew, so there’s that.


I put Stan on for the free trial period, finally watching Cordon after hearing about it years ago.
Seems vaguely familiar…