The TV Show Thread

Ron Pearlman puts in a good shift, it’s full of cool casting though. Parker Posey. Paul Dano the list goes on.

Have to say that the whole relationship thing left me cold, first 4-5 episodes were great, then it went all fucking Steel Magnolias shit and seemed to go on for ever.

Pretty much the same, it started promisingly and I was more than happy to go on with it but from 5 or so onwards it became real hard work

Giri / Haji - not sure why I’d never watched this until now but it was brilliant. Some a bit OTT stuff but otherwise excellent.

Watched the first episode last night. Was pretty good.

A recap of season 1 would have been good however. It’s been ages since I’ve watched it and I forgot how that ended lol.

This! I watched the opening scene then flicked back to skip through the last ep of last season

There is a new season of Sunderland till I die on Netflix now. Only 3 episodes though which is a bit of a shame

Not as good tv when you’re doing well?

Halo S02 is developing into a very nice story.

And in an other episode of hilly catches up, I’ve just learnt that Pablo Schreiber played Nick Sobotka.

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True detective wraps up.

I enjoyed it, certainly the best iteration since the original

OMG X-men '97 next month. squee


Currently watching Dopesick via SBS.

Holy shit it’s good. Basically it’s based on a true story about the opioid epidemic in the US between 1996-2006. Follows the stories of the Sackler family from Purdue Pharma, who are the most evil sons of bitches in history, along with side stories of people who are directly affected by OxyContin, and the DEA/Prosecutors who are assigned to try and take down Purdue.

Very well worth a watch. Good cast, pretty hard hitting storyline.

Dopesick (miniseries) - Wikipedia

Painkiller on Netflix (6 parts) covers much the same territory
Matthew Broderick’s super creepy turn as Richard Sackler guarantees that you’ll never look at Ferris Bueller in quite the same way.

I haven’t looked at any of Matthew Broderick’s work the same way since I learned about the car crash incident.

I remember that, not uncommon for Yanks to wander onto the wrong side of the road in Ireland, plenty of other places too, I’d expect. From memory, that was all there was to it, not like he was off his chops or anything

Might have been better off him not owning property in Ireland in a place called Kilcar.

Mark Wahlberg didn’t kill anybody, to my knowledge, but he did beat the absolute shit out of at least two Vietnamese men in a racially motivated attack. Apparently his school didn’t teach him the Vietnam War had ended the prior decade when he was 4.

I doubt there was any bad intent but to kill two people for accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road (his explanation was ‘I don’t remember what happened’), and get away with a $200 fine and nothing else is pretty crazy. But they were possibly different times. You’d think the same thing today would get you 10 years.

Now that’s something I didn’t know.

Indeed. There wouldn’t have been much appetite for locking up an Irish -American movie star, from memory.
Good actor, but

so apparently that’s the working theory, rather than any definitive proof that this is what happened.