The TV Show Thread


I got the giant Lego X-Wing for Christmas, probably the most fun i’ve had in a while putting it together. It was such an intricate build and took me over 8hrs spread over a week to finish

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I have to admit, I cannot fathom why people would choose this:


Over this

for essentially the same price.

Each to their own I suppose

I’d say it’s the nostalgia. That and because my parents never would have spent the money on the X-Wing as a kid, but now I can afford it. Now just need to convince my wife that I REALLY need the giant Star Destroyer


I want the Bandai Millenium Falcon, It’s $4-500 depending on where you buy. The lego one is $800

I got my x-wing from Japan while my wife was visiting her parents, she brought back 2 and I sold one which covered the cost of both.

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Just saw that and it does look pretty amazing. One thing I do love about the lego is that it’s quite constraining in what the designers can and can’t do. With that it’s pretty cool seeing the ways in which they manage to use all the regular pieces to come up with completely new designs. Really shows how much someone has to think outside the box.

I tried to buy that for my niece (read: my brother in law and I).

My sister was having none of it.

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Most of the new stuff (2000 onwards)has custom parts that can’t be used for anything else.

Not sure what else you’d reasonably make out of such a specialised set.

Grown men discussing employment contracts in one thread whilst simultaneously debating which Star Wars toy is better in another… I love SFCU sometimes :rofl:


Back on topic,

The Penguin TV show with Colin Farrel could be epic or awful, it has a great, gritty feel like the last Batman movie but the fat suit looks pretty rank in some trailer scenes.

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Surprising lack of threesomes in the new show Three Body Problem.

Lego in general hasn’t been the same since they started making sets of licensed brands and franchises.

grumpy old man I thought it was better when it was all more basic story ideas or themes like “pirate” or “medieval”


I thought it was a misspelled remake of Total Recall (IYKYK)

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Now that Fallout tv show is 10 days away from release, i got this in my YT feed.

I’ve been a long time fallout player of all the games. Along with the new show coming getting a bit giddy’up.

Anyway, this was cool for a fan film.

Over the last couple of nights, binged All The Light We Cannot See on Netflix.

Stars Mark Ruffalo & Hugh Laurie. Esentially about a girl who helps the resistance in France in WWII. Told from the perpective of a young German soldier too.

Really good.

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First two eps of Sugar were pretty good.

Two episodes of Shogun to go. Quite enjoying it, makes me realise I need to read a bit more about Japanese history.

Ended up watching the whole season of The Night Agent last night on Netflix.

Really good conspiracy thriller show. Apparently they’re currently filming season 2, so will be interesting to see how that goes.

Binged it all while on planes flying around for the WWC. No world beater but I found it pretty entertaining

I figured out the plot pretty early on, but the actings decent, and there’s some good action and a couple car chases.

It’s basically Homeland meets Jack Reacher.