The TV Show Thread

Given the nature of Reddit, I really don’t think Reddit and “remarkably upset” belong in the same sentence. I would say its expected!

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I stand by position of expecting decency as a baseline.

Did not expect that plot twist - however given the focus on movies and how people act it actually makes sense, sort of. Did think something was amiss when he managed to overcome the odds earlier in the episode.

Isn’t there a non-binary character? I think I read about it somewhere that there’s no actual mention of them being non-binary, there’s no story line about them apart from the fact that they exist and people are up in arms about it being forced down their throats…

The actor is non-binary, at least.

Xelia Mendes-Jones is a non-binary actor playing a male in an organisation that has the word “Brotherhood” in their title.

There is no mention in the show other then of two characters interacting with each other in a way that makes no mention of sexuality of binarism. Mendes-Jones is in two eps of the eight according to IMDB.

Having watched it all, I can’t recall anything in relation to sexuality with that character.


There wasn’t, it was handled exactly as it should be. It was there, but was not the focus of the story or dialogue or cinematography, because that’s not what the story is about.

Wish others could learn the same lesson.


I’m halfway through ep 2 but my internet is crapping out.

I do have an issue. There’s an awfully lot of pretty well preserved buildings for 200 years after a nuclear war.

Enough time for rabid insect mutation thou.

Gave in and got at least 30 days free of Amazon Prime. Fallout is pretty freaking good. Halfway through the first episode and i’m loving it so far.

And then halfway through the 2nd ep a really obvious thing happened and I went sigh and turned it off.

Also, my connection was crap making it difficult to watch.

Binge watching Bobs Burgers whilst chowing down on a classic Burger with the lot (inc. Beetroot & Pineapple)from the local Mum & Dad milk bar.

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Just started watching the 3 body problem.

From what I had heard I didnt think I would like it.

But its fucking brilliant. Just wow.

S2 of Outer Range has dropped on Prime

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I’ll wait and see how 3 Body ends before watching… Huge fan of the books but I don’t know how well they’ll adapt the bonkers 3rd book. The scale is so much grander.

Also holy shit Outer Range, forgot that existed. Thanks for saying s2 is out.

Haven’t read the books (3BP) but found the series underwhelming tbh. Good concept but didn’t really go anywhere.
Conscious that it’s just part one of three, so will give S2 a run all the same.