The VAR Blunder Thread


The VAR can stay.

It just needs to be adjusted:

  1. ONLY get involved when clear and obvious.

  2. The referee should not be involved in the decision. If it is clear and obvious they should be told over the headset and rule it accordingly. The run to the sideline and look at a screen is absurd.

  3. It has to be like NRL and decisions need to be discussed live.

  4. Consistency is the key.

Get those 4 things right and it’s sold

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VAR is good. It highlights just how inept our officials are.


Yeah I keep seeing “VAR is killing Australian football and makes the league bad we will never be as good as other leagues with VAR” People forget its stuffing up everywhere


Also ignores that there have been two hilariously obvious handballs that led to goals in the Premier League in the past two weeks.

VAR has for the most part been an improvement. I have (had before it became apparent that Mark Bosnich actually runs the game in this country) confidence that major fuckups will get caught now in a way I didn’t before it was brought in. They just need to make it less visible. Against WSW we waited minutes for the restart after our goals when there was no suggestion of any problem. Just run it in the background and it’ll be fine.


Yeah the hope is like DRS in cricket where it was completely farcical for a while and then they ironed it out and now it generally works pretty well


Yeah but it’s still shit

We're only human: the VAR thread

Like, seriously, if you think DRS improved test cricket there is no redeeming you.

And it’s not even close to comparable in its implementation and impact.


Was not saying either. Was saying it was horrific when it started but got better as time went on and thats really all the best we can hope for with VAR.

Dont try be positive on a forum.


DRS is a good call. It’s not an option that’s been seriously discussed, but I think VAR should be implemented similarly. I don’t think it should be a voice from above, that appears seemingly at its whim. It should be up to the party that feels aggrieved to make that appeal, and similar to DRS to have a limited number of appeals to stop frivolous abuse.
This is because the call for video is all about “we feel aggrieved” or “we’ve been wronged” and there is no appeal, and what VAR is for is to shut the whinging the fuck up.
Make it up to the plaintiff coach/captain to call for VAR, apply it at the next stoppage and leave it at that. Make it scarce and precious so they don’t just use it to take the sting out of the game. I’d prefer that to the current voice from above.
But really, just don’t have it at all.


I hate sports giving a limited number of reviews to participants. It shifts the burden of officiating onto the players and means good or bad judgement in choosing when to use your reviews can decide a match. An obvious and fixable error should never be allowed to stand just because all reviews have been used. It should be incumbent on the officials to ensure calls are correct.


What about a system in which each team has 3 challenges. If the challenge proves to be successful, they keep it, if it fails, they lose one.


Also, players are frequently petulant fucks that refuse to believe they are ever in the wrong. Such a system would make them put up or shut up.
Shane Watson looks like Nostradamus by comparison.

Not saying it would work mind, would be another mechanism where the implementation of the review would be too slow and hold up the game.


Football is a low scoring game, so with a 3 challenge system, you may as well challenge every goal that you concede.


It would have to be one challenge and have to be directly relating to a goal- ie penalty given or not given/ goal line


For me that doesn’t fix the fundamental issues that the referees are responsible for adjudicating and the players are responsible for playing. Would anybody seriously be happy if we lost a grand final to an obvious Victory handball, having previously used our reviews unsuccessfully on extremely tight offside calls?

We have the technology to eradicate all clear errors. Why would we introduce another layer of complexity instead of just doing it?


If it is here to stay, we have to restrict it to catch the ‘Howler’… but there’s always going to be some debate as to what that means…I propose:

  1. 3 people in the room - a ref, an ex-player and whoever is operating the video. They make the call whether to overrule the ref
  2. Has to be unanimous decision - ie. if there is any debate, it is not a ‘howler’
  3. They can view 3 replays and that includes slow-mo. If it takes more than that, then it is not a ‘howler’
  4. 20 second ‘clock’ to change the decision; otherwise refs call stands

The point being that we should assume the ref is right and everyone celebrates and runs back ready for kick off. We are trying to use VAR to pretend we can get every decision 100% right, when so many are grey.
Despite their failings, the refs are in the best position to make a call real time and anyone that has followed the game understands that.


Maybe I would give a little more than 20 seconds, although I love the idea of the clock. Perhaps the clock can be shown on the screen as well to encourage fan participation. 30 seconds seems reasonable. If its not obvious after 30 seconds, its not an obvious error.


Yeah, could be 30 seconds… they could just back-test some ‘howler’ decisions and work out how long is reasonable.


Call me crazy, but how about we start with getting the refs to be better? The assistants to be better? Ban ratpacking the officials and bin the stupid VAR thing until such point that the refs are completely crap and than being complete crap at being VARs?

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Problem is, while we think they’re terrible, they’re not that much worse than the officials in the top leagues in Europe. There are frequent dubious calls in the EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and fans are always complaining. Look at the dodgy penalty in the Man City UCL game overnight.

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