TV Ratings and Revenue


I think 3 rounds is a pretty small sample size, but it does reflect that the comp is pretty stale with this 10-team format.


MyFootball only supports streaming to mobile. If it’s on your TV then it’s because you’re casting the whole screen of your mobile device through your network to your TV, which is naturally going to make video look terrible.

They only have mobile streaming rights, they’re not allowed to make an app that supports natively casting to TV.


Yeah. It’s just that some people have been saying they stream it to their TV as an alternative to Foxtel.

I was saying it doesn’t seem suitable for that purpose.


The YouTube streams are alright quality good enough for your tv.


Fox is part of launching this: Kayo beta launched, News Corp, Netflix of sport, Foxtel, Patrick Delany

Wonder how that will affect things


I’m probably going to be pretty tempted. I mostly keep Fox around for the A-League anyway.


I signed up for the 14 day trial, its pretty decent, they haven’t paywalled anything and the on-demand is about a week to 10 days deep.

Casts to TV fine from my laptop, will be hoping for an xbox app and a mobile app.


Signed up but its struggling with live content on my ADSL connection. On Demand stuff streams fine.


I really don’t want to give Murdoch my money but that deal is hard to resist.


Kayo is great, better quality than go.

I’m currently watching split screen, ufc on delay with the cricket live, all while hotspotting off my tablet.

Definitely keeping it


I prefer using Firefox, so it sucks that I’ve had to install Chrome just for this. Hopefully they push out a native app with casting soon.

But I think the price-point is right and the service is exactly what is needed.


Yeah, just jumped on the Kayo wagon. The Foxtel play/go app just kept freezing on the tv, the Foxtel now app is good on my phone but kept freezing after casting to the TV. Kayo seems to work well on the phone and casts to tv without freezing. Go figure!

Running through chrome though so hopefully an app or some some such for phone and tv soon.


Brenton Speed is easily the single worst thing about the A-League


The disdain that Slater has for Speed in the commentary box is amusing


And even he’s ok.

Far from the worst commentator ever.


Yeah there’s at least two Fox Sports commentators worse than “Speedy”.


There isn’t.

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Speed is the pits.


He us just full of verbal diarrhoea.