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live now, and each friday night, with a new historically important game each week


Just tapped a keg of Schwarzbier today so time to settle in and enjoy the scenes.

Is this one of those subconscious mind control things where you’re actually playing images of world domination under the game?


Can Saturday night see the return of Rant Bingo?

Might need a new bingo card

I expected more yelling

There likely will be tonight, it’ll be Game 1 from Season 2, total throwback. plus I’m going to get some beers.

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Watch With Jubal

Sydney FC v Central Coast Mariners, Season 2 Game 1
Starts at 8pm
Audio chat from 7:30

Shut down since nobody was there

Everyone was playing this and forgot the time


That is sick, never seen it before. Love it.

Yep, amazing, even if if it’s missing a portugese chicken shop set!

I’d be up for this this Friday!

An updated version would be awesome.

  • Go To Jail square to include Kerem Bulut’s offside goal celebration.
  • A Bat & Ball property added, maybe next to the KB one replacing the local TAB one.
  • All playing pieces are different coloured Lizard Men

AWAY Cards to include:

SFC CONSPIRACY: Holder loses all property and cash.
SANTALAB: Holder forfeits all property and cash. They are to go to the Victorian NPL (Go to Jail) and cannot resume playing until 3 successive shots hit the target (3 rolls of the dice land on “Sydopoly”). They are also required to pay a karma tax of $100 each time they pass kick off until absolved by Saint Terry. Depending on the age group playing, everytime Santalab rolls all other players are encouraged to remind them that they’re a deaf, racist, penalty-missing, responsibility dodging individual and had this coming.
VEDRAN: Holder receives $800 from the bank but misses their next 4 turns (1 for every year of his contract extension :rofl:). During this time a new player can take Vedran’s place, cash and property with Vedran immediately rejoining, starting from scratch. If no new player joins then Vedran retains his place, cash & property.
TAKING LIBERTIES: Holder is entitled to take 1 property from each player or 2 properties from 1 player immediately or hold onto the card and, when redeemed, does not pay rent on that property.
GOSFORD: Player misses a turn but still collects rent. This is to simulate the next day effect from consuming a sack of goon on the train up followed by 3 hours of standing in the baking hot summer sun drinking Bluetongue. On the train hom you consume a kebab, a bowl of noodles, fish & chips from Capt’n Bream and a 6 pack of bourbon, finishing off with one last “whatever” at the REH before heading home.
WELLINGTON: Holder does not pay rent when next required. The owner of the property is to look after the card holder and offer to get them a beer from the fridge and some snacks.
ALIREZA FAGHANI: Holder is prevented from buying any property, collecting rent or any other windfall until they complete 1 full lap of the board (Kick off to Kick Off).
BEATHED: Everyone loses $500, holder goes to Jail.
BUY A ROUND: Pay each player $10.

HOME cards to include:

ILLUMINATI CARD: Holder claims all the property and cash forfeited due to the SFC Conspiracy.
FFA FAVOURITES: Holder is entitled to any cash raised from the AWAY card property tax.
LOWY DOLLARS: Holder is entitled to a free upgrade of all of their property groups. If the holder does not have a full property group they are entitled to a property or properties, unclaimed or mortgaged by themselves or another player, to complete a group of which they own 1 property.
ALI ABBAS: Holder claims the property & cash forfeited by Santalab. They are also entitled to all Karma Tax until Santalab is absolved.
SAINT TERRY: Holder is absolved of all sins (ie. the Santalab, Vedran, Faghani etc.). Until then it can be used as an infinite Get Out Of Jail Free Card. $15 is added to the amount of rent they receive.
BROSQUE’S BEARD: Holder moves 14 squares at a time, collecting $200 every time they “Kick Off”, until they land on a property, unclaimed or mortgaged by themselves or another player, to which they then receive free of charge. They do not have to pay rent or any other taxes until their turn is completed.
UNBELIEVABLE MILOS: Holder gets 10 turns in a row, collecting $200 every time they “Kick Off” and can purchase any property they land on, unclaimed or mortgaged by themselves or another player. They do not have to pay rent (or any other taxes) until they complete their 10 turns.
GET THE SET: Holder is entitled to buy, without having to land on, the final property, unclaimed or mortgaged by themselves or another player, to complete a set of properties.
THERESA POLIAS: Holder is entitled to twice the rent to which they would otherwise receive. They never pay rent at Moore Park.
SAUSAGE ON A ROLL: Collect $10 from the bank but miss a turn due to food poisoning.