Week 11 - 2020-21 Discussion

Tonight’s game Adelaide vs Newcastle at 7:35pm

Ill edit the rest of the games in later tonight.

Adelaide to win 2-1, I reckon. They’ve benched Timotheou and they’re at home, but they’re still up for conceding a soft goal at some point.


Abbas is starting so I’ve cashed in Danzaki (banking we’ll keep him quiet tomorrow) and traded him in. Go rip shit up, Ali.

Nice curling effort from D’Arrigo, but that was laid on a plate for him. Newcastle don’t look convincing at all so far.

Absolute cracker wasn’t keeping that one out!

Well, there’s a soft goal. Nice hit from O’Toole but not great keeping.

O’Toole owed his team that after snoozing badly for the opener.

Completely unnecessary goal celebration from Topor-Stanley. There are children watching

The first time I heard the Fox commentators say the name of Adelaide’s Al Hassan Toure, I thought that his parents - Mr and Mrs Centauri - must have been very keen astronomers to name their son Alpha.


Ugarkovic has probably cost Newcastle the game here. Two mistakes in the defensive third = two goals for Adelaide.

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Can’t see Newcastle getting back into this one.

Slater saying it’s hard for the keeper on a shot from that angle, but Goodwin was so wide. Should’ve been saved IMO

I’ve seen some crap free kicks, in my life, but that one was right up there (no pun intended).

Mauk needs to be carded for that


100%, he should be off.

Woodwork has copped a pounding in this game too, very entertaining.

Another occasion where a player would have been booked had they not already been on a yellow.

It’s stupid because that should never be a factor in whether someone gets carded or not.

For the talent Mauk apparently had earlier in his career, he’s really hurt his career through his temperament. For me, he doesn’t have a good reputation and that’s not including his diving.

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Yep and some last gasp defending too, feel Adelaide have deserved it though.

Mark is just a diving cheat.

Mauk still shows flashes, but definitely lacks consistency. His temperament, as mentioned, is obviously an issue too.