Week 15 - 2020-21 Discussion

Western United vs City - Thursday 5:35pm
CCM vs Adelaide - Thursday 7:40pm
Macarthur vs Perth - Friday 6:05pm
Roar vs WSW - Saturday 7:10pm
Newcastle vs Western United - Monday 5:05pm
Phoenix vs City - Monday 7:10pm
WSW vs CCM - Tuesday 7:05pm

You know what will really drive viewing figures and get people to the games? A game on at 5:30 on a Thursday arvo…


Any news on Roar v Wests going ahead?

Queensland lockdown has ended so I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Best half of the season… from Benton Speed. Makes such a difference when he just calls the game and tones down the “trying too hard to be one of the boys” schtick.

Shame Archie keeps massacring the English language and shaving off syllables. West United, Ange Durante, Jay Maclaren… :man_facepalming:

Why are we still looking at this. No foul, move on

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Can’t believe it was even referred.

And again, look at it fine, but it you don’t immediately think “that’s a dead set mistake” just play on. VAR should take no more than 15 seconds.

How good a father is Diamanti, letting his children draw on him.

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is that the first flare of the season?

Jesus that was a phenomenal pass from Diamanti… not a bad finish from the cunt as well


Diamanti such a difference maker. We’ll see what City are made of now.

Diamanti turning it, but somehow a donkey like Wales ends up with a goal and an assist. Shame everyone already gave City the double last week.

Good game this. If City don’t get something out of it, it won’t be because they’ve been outplayed. Western pulled 2 great goals out and have ridden their luck at the back.

Another example of riding their luck

Yep. I’d prefer it if City were looking shit.

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My jaw pretty much dropped at that pass. I don’t think anyone else could pull off a pass like that accurately in the league. Not even Ninko. Amazing.

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CCM really need to take this opportunity. City won’t drop many more points this season.

I think penalty is the right call. Goodwin had no reason to raise his arm like that.

I give up trying to understand it. Those ones that deflect at close distances aren’t supposed to be given… if it hits his own shin then his hand it’s not a pen, but it hits the guy climbing all over his back and it is. Fuck me, just bin it already.


Not the best penalty from Simon, to be honest. With power, straight down the middle?