Week 18 - 2020-21 Discussion

Completely blanked there was a game tonight

Thursday 7:05pm - Western vs Nux
Friday 7:05pm - Melbourne vs WSW
Saturday 7:10pm - Macarthur vs City
Sunday 2:05pm - Brisbane vs Perth
Sunday 4:10pm - Nux vs Adelaide
Monday 7:05pm - Western vs Jets
Wednesday 7:05pm - CCM vs Brisbane

Dickhead Derby draw

They’re both losers

We really need a better name than ‘Western’.

Uskok still a fucking butcher.

If only there was some geographic signifier they could add to their stupid club name.

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That was horrendous defending for the opening goal. You’d think a team with a tough central defender as manager would actually know how to defend.

Ridiculous yellow

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Surprise, surprise. One team hacks the fuck out of the opposition and when something like that happens, they get a harsh second yellow. You know what? Fuck 'em. Stop hacking opponents and that team might start getting the benefit of the doubt.

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LOL at Rudan on the sideline after the red

Yeah, you’re always likely to have decisions like that go against you in the modern game, so why commit the cynical foul and then be walking the tightrope for the last 70 minutes?

As harsh as the second was, he brought it on himself with the first yellow. Plus it’s funny because Hamill is still terrible.

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Davila is magic to watch

That would’ve been a hell of a goal if that went a couple of inches inside of the post. Welly haven’t looked likely other than that, in the parts of the second half I’ve seen anyway.

Interesting tactic to settle for the draw by bringing Charles on.

I’m actually wondering if Charles is even worse now than he was with us …

I don’t know that I’ve seen a young fringe player appear to want it less. Lad should be busting his arse to make an impression, but there’s just… nothing.

I don’t know if young applies any longer. He’s 24.

Eesh. He’s gotta know this is last chance saloon then.

I think the seagulls are outnumbering the spectators

3 in the NorWers net by the VicLosers…nice half!

Fuck they’re shit.