Week 22 - 2020/21 Discussion

Jets vs Roar on now.

I just saw Jason Hoffman take a free kick. Why are we helping prop them up again?

Comedic value?

I like this kind of game. Roar win and they pull away from the Wanderers. Jets win and they overtake Victory.

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Sorry if it’s been posted elsewhere, but I’ve just seen that Welly are expecting at least 16k tomorrow. That’ll be good to see and hopefully they give Durante a nice send off.

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Sold 18k tickets as of like midday Friday. Could crack 20 with a decent walk up.

Good stuff, is that the highest crowd of the season so far?

I believe the Bankwest derby cracked 20k?

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20’336 apparently.

Nix socials also confirmed 20k sold at 10am our time so this will end up 23ish i’d say.

If Wellington are to continue in this league, they desperately need a smaller stadium

Hutt Recreation Ground would be a good fit for most of their matches. Maybe if they have a home final, they can switch those games to the Cake Tin, but otherwise, Hutt is big enough for them.

Why is Wollongong playing a home game in NZ?

Also nice ones ref, wearing black with a black team out there.


the atomosphere at this match is cracking

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Big game feel, big crowd, positive feelings about the league. 0-0 nailed on.

Was hoping that reverse jinx would work.

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Very much has a knock-out game feel to it. Loser of this game is pretty much out of contention for finals. Lots of nerves, some quality but also a bit scrappy. Welly deserve to be in front but WU have been awful.

Only just tuned in after the baseball and thought WU had a new DM next to Uskok.

The team kit clashes are bad enough, this one probably resulted from the refs only taking their yellow (oops) and that one as options. Ridiculous.

I’m not sure why rudan continues with parking the bus tactics. His team does it so poorly. It also means less time with diamanti on the ball.

During the middle of the first half at a corner they picked up audio of a player feeding to the ref about wearing the same colour.

Oh look, he had a red shirt after all…

how flipping good is it to hear crowd this size roar to a goal scored after so long