Week 23 - 2020-21 Discussion

Melbourne lockdown expected to be announced today so there’s some really TBC around this week’s fixtures. I figure it’s good to have a place to discuss the fixture implications this weekend.

I’ll edit in the fixtures later.

Looks like we could end up with a Sydney GF after all

Is the contract with Fox that the season must end by a certain date?

If COVID were to delay games over the next week or two, and finals due to commence soon, would Fox do a temporary extension to allow a reasonable completion of the season, or now that a new contract with 10/Paramount has been signed, could the APL go to 10 and ask them to telecast the finals as a small add-on?

Or are the Melbourne teams just gonna have to play back to backs so we can get the season completed in time?

Kids style carnival in a country town.
10 min halves, corners win in case of a draw, no break at half time.


The lizard men know no bounds.

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End of June.

If Fox were to provide an extension to cover the finals I suspect they’d charge like a wounded bull.

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force majeure would be called and we’d be in the exact same situation as we were last year. Fox will bitch and whinge, but they’ll more than likely be forced to show the games.

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Surely it’s just a matter of getting the Melbourne teams out of Victoria this week to see out the last few games in NSW?

Can’t delay the season any further without cancelling the finals, or withdrawing from ACL, or not starting the finals until like late July (so the returning ACL teams can quarantine) which impacts an October start for next year.

Yep, cue a rehash of last year’s “Straight outta Melbourne” scramble. I also get the feeling Nix will have to stay too. I’d love it if they could get this weekend played at home though.

There’s been some fixtures updates:

Nice finish from Susaeta but overall that was pretty half-arsed defending from the Mariners.

Shithouse stroll from Birraz.

Few things are more predictable or more frustrating than Beath wanting to have a chat with the players at every corner. He’s like the Speed of referees, trying oh so hard to be one of the lads.

Nice constructed and finished equaliser for the Mariners

That was one of my favourite commentators curses ever.

Draw would be good. Should pretty much guarantee a home final.

Meanwhile, the seven-day COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria has thrown the immediate A-League fixture into a spin. Melbourne Victory will play Western United behind closed doors, while Melbourne City were due to play Newcastle at AAMI Park, but that match has been postponed.

The A-League is yet to make an announcement on Monday’s clash between Western United and Macarthur.

Not good…

The Mariners players evidently asking the ref ‘how many fouls before they are booked?’

If so, they must be aliens who have never seen Beath in action before if they are expecting a logical refereeing performance.

A quality second for the Mariners

Never tire of Milligan being put on his arse.

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Relax Bozza, relax. You’ll burst a blood vessel at this rate.