Week 8 - 2020/21 Discussion

Most games this week probably aren’t impacted by the Victorian lock-down, but let’s see.

Friday - 7:05pm - Macarthur vs Adelaide
Sunday 4:05pm - Phoenix vs CCM
Sunday 6:10pm - Roar vs Jets
Wednesday 7:05pm - Melbourne vs Phoenix

City game is postponed

Right you are. I wasn’t sure if that was our game against City on Tuesday or not.

I’m picking all NSW teams

Unbelievable block from Elsey

These cowbells are aids

I like them as a point of difference in the league, but yes, they are annoying AF.

With today’s news coming out of that dark state, is the possibility of a bubble/the league moving to one state more likely?

Perth have already basically ruled it out and I doubt the other clubs would want to be based here for months on end.

The 5 day lockdown should get the cluster under control

Geez its absolutely pissing down at Campbelltown

Proper football weather

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Hollman looks pretty tidy, nice effort there

Wow great job on the line but Derbyshire should have done better.

Any A-League players who believe in reincarnation must be wondering what they did in their previous lives to deserve Beath in this one.

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Another goal-line clearance. This hasn’t been a great game but it’s had its moments.

A weird game, for every moment of class there is a counter-acting moment of dross.

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Would have been rough to call that offside.

Also say what you want about Macarthur, that’s a decent active turnout, particularly with this weather.

Chris Beath for once makes a big call that’s actually a good one.

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Adelaide deserve to lose for another kit crime

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If Broxham can get through a match without committing an act of thuggery, then we really will have seen it all.