We're only human: the VAR thread


Are they maybe leaning that way now, same as with offsides? Give a yellow first and let VAR review it if it needs to be upgraded?

I can handle that and the 30 second delay in those instances, definitely preferable to having Beathcakes go straight for a red to get his screen time in in a situation where a red maybe isn’t warranted.


I agree. Red card is serious business. Stop it and look at it and get it right. In a way it’s more important to be right/fair (because it’s a serious offense where someone could get badly hurt) than whether a striker’s cock happens to swing past the defender’s heel by 2 mm.


And if that’s the case, like the offside situation it bullshit just let the refs ref the game ffs


I’m still laughing.
Before VAR started completely ruining everything I said it will suck and be karma for everyone that ever complained about referees.


If it were just 30 seconds then yeah I’d be fine with it, but it isn’t just 30 seconds. That incident with Grant was over two minutes. That’s an insane length of time. I was supportive of VAR at the time but there has been no indication that it’s becoming quicker/less intrusive and it’s getting to a point now where it’s taking the momentum out of games.


A good portion of that was Atkinson getting treatment though, wasn’t it? Fox showed the communication between VAR and Ams, it was about 30 seconds for him to jog over, watch the replay just once and then upgrade the card.

Agree in an ideal world we’d just have better refs, but this was always going to happen. The same way just about every NRL try gets referred to the video ref, the same way umpires never make even easy run out calls themselves anymore… they’re petrified at getting it wrong and being shown up on video, so instead of being a fallback to correct obvious errors they have no confidence to make decisions themselves and overuse the technology. In football they are already being directed this way with the offside calls.

Also with Higdawg, I can’t think of a single sport that has actually been improved by video interference. Football was always going to have the life sucked out of it by VAR, and here we are.


current EPL table without VAR…

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I admit, I was pro VAR at the start but it’s pissing me off now and I wouldn’t be sad to see it go.

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I’m pro the idea of var but very anti how it’s been done


Can we get rid of the Beath cancer that has been gnawing at the game’s image and credibility for far too long while we’re at it?


Given we’ve taken to importing yet more officiating dross in the form of Alireza “feel free to do as you wish in the first half of games because I only bring my cards out for the second half” Faghani, I can’t see any relief there.


Looks like we are for it


Boooooo!!! Shit club has gone to shit!!


TWG has really become trash hasn’t it? Completely unprofessional outrage-merchant garbage.


Tony Pignata suggests we should not cancel VAR this season because we started the season with it. But he forgets we implemented it in the final couple of rounds of the 2016/17 season.


Im not sure of the outrage of us supporting VAR??? We clearly love it, as it’s run by Sydney FC in an effort to ensure we win the league each year so we can continue our agreement with Bill Gates to set up a 5G tower each time we score.


If we can have VAR and not have people being deemed offside by 2mm then I’m all for it.


The problems with VAR were entirely predictable from the experience of other sports.
Since ‘clear and obvious’ is impossible to define, the referees do the other thing and use the technology to its limits so they aren’t criticised for missing things. As a result, instead of arguing about a foot, you’re arguing about an inch. It doesn’t eliminate controversy or stop endless debates about referring decisions. The game had found the solution to the only real problem: you can’t have a ball being two feet over the goal line in a World Cup match but a goal not given. The solution is to reduce as much as possible the cost of goal line technology and get rid of VAR.


While other competitions, such as Japan’s J.League, have abandoned the controversial VAR amid the pandemic, O’Rourke said the A-League was committed to using it throughout the rest of the season, and hopeful of having VAR communications played on the live broadcast. Sources have told the Herald , however, that the use of VAR is not set in stone and could be nixed by cost blowouts relating to the hub model, if interstate teams are needed to be relocated sooner than originally budgeted.