Western Sydney Wanderers Thread- Cosplay Ultras Edition

I love the fact that for ages WSW were pointing out that Arnie was always whinging about something when he was our coach, and they still hate him, even now that he’s the national team coach. Rudan though has completely surpassed Arnie’s level, he’s off the charts, and yet he’s like the Messiah to them.

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I mean, it continues on now even about these rants.

Plenty of commentators on Twitter (Simon Hill included) totally uncritically legitimising him like:

“while I don’t agree with his treatment of the referees, actually he raises a lot of important points here” etc, etc

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What points has he raised?

I can’t remember exactly but there was something along the lines of - we have non-football people in decision making positions (like at a commercial and organisational level) and so we end up with decisions like the Grand Final last year, etc… I think he was throwing shade at David Gallop?

But media seemed to completly ignore the fact that Danny Townsend even played the game and the APL is all of the owners of the clubs. Or consider whether there are any suitable internal candidates, or the the relative merits of outsider perspectives. They all just seemed agree this was a very wise man that needs to speak out more on these issues…

Like, what the fuck?


It smacks of wanting to preserve their social media followings. Logic be damned.

Pretty sure he’s talking about how the guy that came out and defended the referee’s decision, Nathan Magill, has come to football from a cricket background.

It was in that context, but I think he was trying to link it to some wider issue

Don’t have a problem with non-football people in decision making positions. A manager who is not just competent but good enough to advance an organisation the size of Australian football is much rarer than the number of people who get football. Besides, a competent manager would quickly catch up, incompetent football manager will persist in their incompetence

The irony is if a FOOTBALL person in a decision making spot has any actual or perceived connection to an area or club they’ll be accused of bias, sooooo…


Oooh, the HUMANITY…!!!


I don’t think its ironic, but yeah - perceived bias is absolutely an issue and yeah one that anyone in the media could point out.

FWIW, It’s also the exact kind of thing that state owned media like KeepUp could never really tackle, imo.

This is one of the issues I had with KeepUp, some of the content just came across as propaganda.

Well I guess 1 point in the last two games if that helps?


It could be just because everybody knows it’s coming from the competition organizers. Hence one of the reasons it didn’t work. I also felt that way.

Another reason why we probably should be clicking on all the football articles from various main and online media covering the game.

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Not strictly real-world Wanderers news, but had the funniest game of FM the other night, especially with the current Marko Rudan climate.

It was the semi finals, City vs Wanderers. Wanderers won their home leg 1-0. City had a key CB sent off in the first 10 minutes. City nonetheless proceeded to have the best chances of the first half but it was 0-0 at the break. Second half proceeded much the same way until Mat Leckie scored to make it 1-0 on the night and level the tie. On came Dylan Wenzel-Halls for Wanderers. He scores with about 10 minutes to go but the goal is chalked off for offside. Pretty sure they still didn’t even have a shot on target up to that point.

The game goes to extra time. City looked absolutely shot and Wanderers score in the first period of extra time. Then a few minutes later, on a breakaway, there’s a three on two. The ball falls to Ninkovic, who taps it in. The goal is ruled out due to the far post player being offside, despite not interfering with play. Moments later, at a set piece, Thomas Lam rose up to loop a header towards goal. As the ball gently arced through the air, Thomas falls over and the ball trickles in to level the tie again. Then with two minutes to go of extra time, on a break, a 16-year-old player I already picked for the Socceroos squad broke the offside trap and passed the ball into the net. City won 3-2 on aggregate.

It was only ever going to be one of two clubs from reading the headline. If someone harms the referee, could Marko be culpable? Or does the Magna carta protect him?

Lederer entered the field of play after Sunday’s 3-3 draw with Newcastle to launch a verbal tirade at referee Shaun Evans, who had controversially sent off two Wanderers players

Nope. Only controversy is the behaviour of Rudan and Lederer. That word should be fucking banned from the lexicon of every football reporter in the world.


Johnson refused to discuss any specific examples and, having just returned to Sydney after attending the Asian Cup final in Qatar, said he had not even seen the incident involving Lederer.

“I want to get on top of this early,” Johnson said. “The framework’s there, the rules are there. We have a code of ethics and a disciplinary code, and those rules are not just words on a piece of paper.

Do they not have an internet connection there James? What the fuck.

Reading between the lines, they haven’t figured out what to do and it’s basically a no comment outside of “we have rules”.

It’s pretty simple.

Only the captain may speak to the referee. Any other player speaking to the referee without being spoken to by the ref cops an indirect free kick. The ref may issue a yellow for repeated infringements.

Any substitute or staff member entering the field of play without permission gets a red.