Western Sydney Wanderers Thread- Cosplay Ultras Edition


to be fair, he epitomizes the vast majority of their fans…


I was at a recording of the Full Brazilian back in the day where he was guest and brought in a Wanderers scarf and went on about how they “win everything”, then during a segment where Jimeoin made them eat some weird concoction, wiped his mouth of his beloved scarf.

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Rudan leaving is tragic. Montgomery going there would be even worse.

Let it be Kisnorbo


Came from nowhere? I know exactly where they came from!

Amor Layounis agent posting this in response to the big RUDAN OUT is quite funny.


I don’t like the idea of them having a likeable coach.


Shit that hes gone, its always fun to see the wanderers in the doldrums

Also shit that he has gone cause his mother is unwell. No one deserves to go through that


Yeah, as much as I hate the cunt and was about to start making cracks about his “personal reasons”…then I read what they were.

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Having an agent named kallback is quite funny as well.


I’m glad he’s no longer employed. It was an absolute travesty that he was allowed to take such a high-profile role.

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Whilst I’m sure Kisnorbo would like to take a new role, Western Sydney is a poisoned chalice that will more than likely end in failure and hiccup his managerial career.

Monty would be better off in Scotland/UK.

Could see Mark Milligan potentially going for the role.

The thing with the Wanderers though is the culture is toxic from the very top. You would need a manager who isn’t afraid to make hard decisions and change the internal affairs at the club. They’ve had good managers go in, get chewed up and spat out.

And when they lose:
Wanderers, isst Scheisse!

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Personal reasons? How convenient.

RBTV is calling bullshit:

They reckon the club is just sparing Rudans reputation and that he was blindsided by the decision.

And they are famous for being completely hinged and sane…

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Oh I’m not saying theyre a credible source.

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So Cynical, Rudes is well know for his high level of integrity, taking responsibility for his actions and owning up to his errors………

If he’s using his mothers brain cancer as a reason to protect his professional reputation (if he has one) then he is a bigger scumbag then i gave him credit for


Everyone gets to walk away saving face right? The club, him, the fans…or are they not boycotting at the moment?