Western United Thread


Horrendous name. So generic and doesn’t really sound like a team from Victoria. You would think it’s a WA-based team instead.

On the topic of green and black, I think Sassuolo’s crest and kit are pretty snazzy



Top boy Jim looking good :joy:


Yeah the Sassuolo kit is the way to go.

I seem to remember a green and black second kit in the premier league recently that I really liked. I just can’t remember who it was.


This should be their kit. It is exactly medically accurate.



Looks like its from the lord of the rings


Lord of the rings/Braveheart mashup.


The gift that keeps on giving


FMD. The self-importance of active supporters in this country knows no bounds.


What a colossal wanker.


Shit, when you posted it above I thought it was a joke. FMD I can’t believe he did that.

I hope they create an online forum so I can laugh at them daily.


best fans in the league


At least they can be confident their top boy would be at every game, cos there’s no hope in hell he’d miss one cos he’s getting laid instead.


That bloke’s ex-North Terrace - no wonder he’s such a bell-end.


Who the fuck is Jim Lawrence?


What is a jim lawrence


A tributary river in Canada?