Western United Thread

I reckon WU might be close to belly up as well though sadly.

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Maybe if they represented something other than a cardinal direction I would have some sympathy?

There has to be a name change in their future at some point… surely

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Tarneit Tyranny FC!


But is it about having our own facilities or is about having facilities that we control? If this means that WU can make some money and also not miss out on their own training ground usage, then what’s the problem? It’s not like the State Government is forcing them to do this.


Western Disunited? Western?

What in Tarnetion FC


I guess in the end it’s important that football has priority and others renting from football don’t make the calls.

Of course there’s always the non-lapping time frame of most of the season, and a looooong off season.

So if they can get money for that time and keep control of the quality of the training/playing then in a way it is a step forward.

Sum up, If it doesn’t affect in anyway badly on the football club first, then it’s a good thing to make extra money on the side. I’m down with that.

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Work the name “Ironbark” into the name, a place name plus the name of a distinctive tree of the region, that’s something unique and cool.

West Melbourne Ironbark.

Tree FC


This is good.



Western Ironbark United?

Already got a logo to pilfer, right colours and all:



Their nickname should be “The 'Barkers”

If we’re going to incorporate Ironbark into the team name, the least we can do is give them a brown jersey.

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To me he’s stood out as one of the best players in the league, and that’s with Newcastle Jets and Western United players around him.

What about “the Gums”

That sounds like a “Hello Ladies” to jump the queue.

Seriously, he fucked off after 1 year at Newy so wouldn’t he have started again this year for PR / visa purposes? He’d have like 4 years to go before being eligible?

Seems to be really enjoying himself here and happy. He also happens to play a position we’re absolutely desperate for. Hrustic is about the only player with a bit of creativity.