Western United Thread


That’s pretty Cold there


Sounds like Rudan is almost certainly going:


Get in the fucking sea


I didn’t know that western somewhere was the only place in Australia with roads and trees.


Parking lines painted on the jersey please.


Im really interested to see what type of logo they go with. Will it be a crest with a devil in it? Will it a tree with a road in the background?

Hopefully they go less generic


They could just rip this off really:



Dunno why they would want to copy the logo of some shit hockey team from New Jersey.


Love the trees coming off the bitumen. Reminds me of what’s truly special in this world.


Looks decent to be fair.


I like it too.
And I really like green and black.
But “United” as a name is so tired it’s depressing.


Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. In it’s true sense, clubs with United in the name were the product of merging other clubs in the same area together.

Wests United would be more befitting of Wests Tigers, because they merged Balmain and Western Suburbs together (albeit, not exactly the same area).


Horrendous name. So generic and doesn’t really sound like a team from Victoria. You would think it’s a WA-based team instead.

On the topic of green and black, I think Sassuolo’s crest and kit are pretty snazzy



Top boy Jim looking good :joy:


Yeah the Sassuolo kit is the way to go.

I seem to remember a green and black second kit in the premier league recently that I really liked. I just can’t remember who it was.


This should be their kit. It is exactly medically accurate.



Looks like its from the lord of the rings


Lord of the rings/Braveheart mashup.