What fixture has had the most red cards in the A-league?

Genuinely interested in this question, does anyone know a place I can find an answer?

If the answer isn’t recorded already, I’ll spend some spare time counting all the fixtures down the years for red cards among every team but that will be a large undertaking

Games with most red cards here will make your task easier :joy:


Indeed, thankyou kindly!

I just tweet Andrew Howe these questions and he normally comes through with the goods

I suspect the answer is one of the ones found here:


Specifically the table ‘Matchups with most bookings per match’. It looks like Adelaide vs Brisbane has 18 red cards in 46 matches, followed by Adelaide vs Melbourne with 17 red cards in 53 matches. It’s possible that there are other fixtures with more red cards not displayed there (and just a lower rate of yellow cards), but it seems unlikely.

I’m also surprised that there’s only been 12 in our games against Melbourne, but I’m less surprised that 10 of those have been straight reds.

Great Info mate, thanks so much!

Ye feels like there is at least one red in games between us and Melbourne every season, although I have noticed the last few seasons haven’t been as wild and nasty on the pitch as in previous years. That could just be a personal comment that isn’t true at all though.

I still remember my first Sydney match at the SFS, early on in 2006/07 we played the tards, lost 1-2 and corica got sent off for something stupid. But I was hooked, I had never seen such intensity on the pitch, the singing coming from both sets of fans. Great times!