Where are they now?


I bumped into this guy at a suburban Perth cafe last week. He was with a couple of other glory staffers who I didn’t recognise. He was friendly and happy to chat . Top bloke , highlight of my trip to that soulless city


Awesome. Glad to hear he Is a good bloke


Terry is the top shelf’s top shelf.

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TMac is indeed the king of kings.

Looks like he’s been enjoying himself over there.


possibly a few too many off the aforementioned top shelf

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That’s just a healthy Celtic glow.

Don’t ask me how I know …


I think the photo’s angle is inclined to do that to someone - look how stubby the legs are. But yeah, it took me a while to work out who it was, through a confusing fog of unplaced familiarity.


Looks like he’s struggling with a bit of Rosacea - he’s in the prime age group for it.


Joey Gibbs with a brace for Keflavík in the Icelandic second division this morning.

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Icelandic second division. Hell why not

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What a place to turn up. Good on him for using football to have a bit of a journey.


He better be single.


If I had even the slightest bit of football skill, talent, motivation, I would surely have aimed to do something similar.

A year or two living in Iceland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malta, wherever the road takes you, that would be pretty cool.


Super Dave had it right. Colin Kazim-Richards has done alright as well.


A-League put this up on their socials this morning.


Janko has two entries on it, and i know that top one would be the one against Brisbane, but i’m completely blanking on his second.


I’m amazed when people knock this sort of thing. Brilliant opportunity in life.

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It’s good for when you’re young and happy to experience everything, but can be detrimental in terms of career development etc. If you’re jumping from league to league, it can take longer for players to settle and the questions get asked of why the player hasn’t stayed in a team for that long etc.


I have no idea. My top 5 for Sydney are

Janko vs Brisbane (40.8m)
Gameiro vs Melb City (36.3m)*
Grant vs Adelaide (35.2m)*
Talay vs Mariners (32.2m)
Santalab vs Adelaide (31.2m)

* FFA Cup so probably wouldn’t have been counted in the list above

My method of estimating the distance is pretty crude, but I have approximate locations for 751 of Sydney’s 786 competitive goals (and all of Janko’s 16). His next furthest was from inside the box…


Was it the one that was ruled out at Kogarah?

EDIT: Just watched it, was also from inside the box


is it me or is it weird that they only started from 2012?