Where are they now?


Chianese has signed on for another year at Perth


Liam Reddy has also signed on for another few years at Perth.


Not player related but I’ve just heard former Sydney Chairman Edmund Capon has died in London.


Shame, nice guy, had a few good chats with him when he took over from Walter B.


On unrelated notes when they were discussing Millar’s assists on Saturday noticed that Chianese is leading the league assists. Hed be handy on the right currently


Chianese is benefiting from the opposition defenders focusing on Castro, Keogh & Ikonimidis. With Franjic overlapping outside of him as well he’s being afforded a lot more time and space he would otherwise get elsewhere.


How did we not keep this one?


He was always the best CB in the youth team but he was also quite error prone at the time from what I remember. I think he may have also aged out of the youth team at some point while we didn’t need him. Plus Calver has been playing the backup young CB role for ages now and so it makes sense no one has leap frogged him.

Also he hasn’t played competitive minutes there so when that happens I’ll get more excited.


Also Schalke are kack, and it was in a friendly anyway.


Lovely goal yesterday from some baldie ex-Sydney Polish knob:

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Chris Payne smashed a hat trick for APIA yesterday. :wink:


Wow that is impressive. Does he pirouette midway through that or is that just because I’m watching on a small screen?


Was it perfect? Left hand, right hand and header?


Yeah I found it hard to tell too but it does seem to be a pirouette, and the move flows along very nicely.


So Timotheou made the Schalke first team bench overnight:

He didn’t get any game time but that’s a massive step either way.

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Adrian: scored again, this time in an away win against our ACL opponents this week
Antonis: started for MV, but came off injured in another loss


That’s sick, good on the lad.



Mila… how will Lucy pronounce it?

(joke blatantly stolen from social media).

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Did Corey do his elbow holding the babe?