Where will Sydney FC finish in 2019-20?

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 7th or worse

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We already have the long form predictions thread here but it’d be good to hear people’s predictions for us this season.

I’m thinking we are a real chance to win it this year. A lot of big teams seem weaker than usual and I think we’re at a similar level to last year, at least in paper.

Are you talking just league table here?

Yep, obviously thanks to Milos we’ve won the most beautiful squad.

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I voted for first. Go hard or go home and what not

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Second. I think Perth will just shade us with Fornaroli and Ikon up front. And, if Redmayne is going to miss more matches due to Socceroos duty, we can’t be sure our back-up GK is going to be up to top A League standard.

I take it that when Vuka comes back, redders will slip back out of the Socceroos squad.
So that’s this break, another in November (seriously, can international football fuck off for a bit?) then nothing until March by which time Vuka should be back.

Nailed on for a top 10 finish.
Top half highly likely.
Top 3 would be a great achievement.

I think 3rd.

Thinking around third. Perth are good but poppas said acl is a focus. Victory look good but have the squad together late. city look very good but that’s said every year. Brisbane are a true surprise package.

First, not a shadow of a doubt.

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