Who is our best ever 9?

I’d prefer ALF if we’re going to spend a lot of time on the back foot without the ball, and our chances will mostly come on the counter.

I’d prefer Bobô if the opponent is going to park the bus and play for the draw.

Give ALF Bobô’s size, or Bobô ALF’s mobility, and they’re not playing A-League.

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Bobo is better than ALF only because we played a system which was perfectly suited to his style of play. ALF has been a bit unlucky at times because he’s had to play with his back to the defence and do a lot of hold up play which isn’t his strength, the fact he’s done so well despite this shows his quality.

Bobo for the high balls (fantastic - like Bruno) but otherwise it has to be Alf. He works that much harder without the ball, is much faster, and has much better technique (more ‘Brasilian’ than Bobo with the ball at his feet).

Bobo was often very frustratingly inept when the ball came to his feet. But he had both Ninko and Adrian behind him and Brosque to the side. No way that our current attacking support group (apart from Ninko) is as anywhere near as strong.

Bobo was your typical, in the box target man, get him the ball in the right position and he’ll bury it. He also had the absolutely ridiculous advantage of a combination of Mierzejewski and Ninkovic making sure he got the ball. In saying that, plenty of other strikers would have failed and he had the knack for getting into the right spot at the right time.

Alf is a more typical striker, happy to get the ball deeper and run into the box. He works more for his goals. I would actually say they’re both two sides of the same apple. Their style of play is very different but they’re both equally as awesome in front of goals.

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alfie is a funny bastard as well as a great striker

he met my boy for a photo, had a joke… rory just loves him.

i hope this stuff about him going to india is bullshit