World News-The US-Free Zone

Also Israel: "There was a suspicious looking Middle Eastern Dude in one of the trucks that we couldn’t identify. Thus he’s either a terrorist, or Jesus. We’re not taking any chances, and we’re all out of 2 x 4’s and nails.


A cynical person might say a strategic aim had been achieved there.


Looks like a task completed successfully by Israel.


It’s hard to see how Israel recovers from this. The first live-streamed genocide, where the psychotic Israeli “soldiers” doing tik tok dances while they detonate and level a school/hospital/mosque.

Some report i saw indicated they hit the first car and then the subsequent two other cars that came for survivors

So Iran’s very upset at this embassy strike.

Looks like Israel’s going to feel Iran’s wrath directly.

Bibi has been angling for the US to go to war with Iran for years. The Saudis won’t complain either.

I wonder how much U.S. military assets are still in and around Israel. The USS Gerald R. Ford that was in the region earlier in the conflict has returned home, hasn’t it?

Pretty sure they moved a carrier group into the Arabian Sea when they decided to hit the Huthis.

The Ford looks like it’s off the coast of Crete.

Pretty nasty quake over in Taiwan overnight. 9 reported deaths so far. I know a bloke from high school whose over there now.

Some idiot in my office was telling people this morning it was a Chinese “geo-weapon” that can create earthquakes, and it’s the prelude to their great invasion. I want to believe he was joking, but I don’t think he was…

Ah those cunning Chinese always playing the long game. Setting up the ring of fire 35 million years ago just on the off chance that one day there would be a civil war and one side would retreat to Taiwan. Amazing.


So back on the killing of the WCK workers…

From what I’ve read this is the scenario.

  • They’re in the “non conflict zone”
  • They got approval from the IDF
  • They’re in vehicles marked with their logo/colours etc
  • They’re in vehicles with some kind of IFF system

And they still hit them three separate times.

Seems pretty deliberate to me.

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He still lurks. I’ve seen him like a few comments when they’re “pro-Israeli”

Poland smells like fermented cabbage.

So does Korea. The world is one big happy place

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I was happy in Seoul.

Your story checks out.

Biden threatening retribution if Israel doesn’t sort out the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Probably empty words, but still the strongest rhetoric he’s used to date.

Insiders are suggesting that Israel is using AI to identify targets and they’re willing to sacrifice 15-20 civilians for every junior Hamas target killed…

More on the use of the Lavender AI. It made me absolutely sick reading it.

I doubt they’re going to start launching missiles into Tel Aviv, probably just cut off their military aid.