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99 scheiss luft balloons

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I just read that South Korea is responding with their cross border k-Pop aural assault.

I wonder if one of them will build their flag pole at the JSA bigger.?

Some ridiculously scary results in EU elections, with centrist/moderate parties getting absolutely creamed in the wider elections. The centrist still hold a strong block in the EU, but it’s telling when you look at each country. Macron was destroyed and has called a snap election, while the Belgian Prime Minister has now resigned.

Controversial opinion. The Middle East is a wildly diverse place & alot of them distrust Palestinians & don’t give a flying fuck about them.

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It’s also a situation where, if the Muslim community was to accept all the Palestinians as refugees, Israel wins. They get Gaza, they get Rafah and the Palestinians never come back

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I’m sure ya’ll are sick of my Korea updates, but here’s the latest…

NK soldiers “accidentally” crossed the demarcation line between the two countries, leading to warning shots being fired by SK soldiers.

SK have also resumed anti Pyong-yang propoganda messages near the line for the first time in 6 years.

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If you do the DMZ tour while in South Korea, you can “.technically “ go into North Korea. They have a tunnel they have found that the North had dug that is part of the tour

I don’t think the tunnel I went in went under the border. The bit we were allowed in was all on the South.

Unfortunately, I was unable to fit it in this trip.

Next time!

You can “technically” go to North Korea any time you want from the DMZ.

There’s just a high probability you’ll die a pretty violent death.

Israel launches an operation to rescue 4 hostages. Widespread bombing of the nearby area killed 270+ Palestinians and hit UN food aid facilities.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) paused its aid deliveries in Gaza after the operation.

“Two of our warehouses were rocketed yesterday, so we’ve stepped back just for the moment to make sure that we’re on safe terms and on safe ground before we’ll restart,” WFP Executive Director Cindy McCain told CBS News on Sunday.

This is just getting more and more silly, isn’t it?

The boarding school he went to has fees of GBP50k/year.

Honestly think he is trying to set a new record for most seats lost

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To be honest I prefer leaders who don’t pretend to be “one of the people”.

The issue is he thinks he is being “one of the people”

Russian “peacekeepers” have now fully withdrawn from the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. More an ally of Armenia than Azerbaijan who is essentially just an extension of Turkey, they were there to protect Armenia from any further conflict with Azerbaijan, however merely stood by and did nothing with the Azeries went on another offensive.

As a result the Armenians have been pulling away from Russia as an ally, and have officially requested to leave the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) - a Russian attempt of getting former Soviet-bloc countries to form their own NATO.

Armenia has also made noise about wanting to join the EU, and NATO, which is sure to please Putin and the Russians (sarcasm).

Probably won’t go down that well with Erdogan either, fwiw

I’m going to guess that regardless of the election outcome, Sunak gets a post-politics pension out the arse now, just like he would in Australia. So maybe the upcoming loss is irrelevant to him.

He doesn’t even need the money anyway though