2019 SFCU Fantasy A-League Competition

I have had a quick look at the SportsDeck website and I think I may be able to set up another season of Fantasy Football despite having little idea how the website works. I have created a “Group” called SFCU and according to the instructions, if you click on this link it will take you straight to the group and join you up.


If that does not work then go here


and either Login (if you are an existing user) or Join (if you are a new user).

Once you have logged in it will take you to a “Lobby”. At the top left-hand corner is a Menu hamburger, click on the hamburger and in the next screen select “Groups”.


Then select Create/Join Another Group, and at the join Option enter the following six digit code 907076 and click Join Group.

I created a Group rather than a League; the instructions seem vague on the difference between the two but Groups seemed the better option. If there is anyone who has used this site before who can provide any insights, please do so.

Honour Roll

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2015/16 New York Citney FC - (Belldiouf)

2016/17 Clovis United - (Clovis)

2017/18 Homiesters –

2018/19 Underachievers - (Eddie)

2019/20 Ezimbizi - (Sponsor)

Rules of the SFCU League

The following are rules specific to the SFCU League. As per last year there will a Yellow Card and Red Card system

Yellow Card Offences

  • No MVFC players. If you have selected a MVFC player you will be issued a yellow card and will have one round to remove that player. One yellow will be issued per round.

  • Insufficient Sydney FC players. You must have a minimum on three Sydney FC players in your team.

Red Card Offences

  • Anyone selecting a Melbourne Victory player as Captain will be issued with a Red Card.

With La Rocca and Santalab no longer playing there are no player specific red and yellow card offenders but I am open to suggestions.

Selecting Berisha should be a red card offence.


the snake should be a red with two year suspension

Given that he’ll never play for them again, putting him in your fantasy team is probably punishment enough.

I’ve made a team but I’m getting an error “Can’t find a league with that code”.

It’s a Group, not a league.

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Was about to say the same thing, Vedran and Berisha are self-punishing choices.

What a strange distinction. I’m in now, thanks for setting it up. We would probably mention it on FB as well as the number of entrants has dropped dramatically with the forum shenanigans of recent years.

After a few years out I am back on board.

There is some strange pricing already.

I joined up.
My team is. Interesting.

Im in! Got a rough team together, but that will no doubt change before Rd 1. Its gonna take a while getting use to the new site.

Underachievers are back to defend their title.
It looks like price speculating could play a big part early on. The set up looks a lot like Supercoach so I expect to see some big fluctuations in player prices.

Yeah I’ve played this one before and the price moves a lot more than the FOX one used to. From memory Diego Castro and Fornaroli were up around 700k.

I built a team around having Maclaren up top… now gotta change it for round 1. :roll_eyes:


Just a reminder that there is one week until the start of the SFCU Fantasy Football League. The instructions for joining are in the first posting in this thread.

When setting up your teams please be aware that the Jets have a bye and that a number of Socceroos will be absent, in particular Ryan Grant and Bluemayne.

There are a few bargains in the mix, Craig Noone particularly is a steal at $176,000

Duric at the Mariners might be a good pick up if cheap. Takes set pieces, can finish and is quality on the ball.

Just a reminder that, in honour of the commencement of the SFCU Football Fantasy League, the FFA has scheduled a football competition which commences tomorrow evening.

Instructions for joining can be found in the first posting in this thread…

…and remember that that SFCU is in the groups section and not the league section.

I have reviewed all the teams in the SFCU Group and there are no violations of the SFCU Group rules. Indeed, a honourable mention goes to SFC and SFG Werra Meissner for fielding a starting eleven that entirely consists of Sydney FC players.

Overall Leaders Board

R1 Rank Name Points
1 Ezambizi 125
2 No Zullo, No Party 124
3 FTT 111
4 Average FC 101
5 SFC 100
7 higdawg 94
8 Gallifrey FC 91
9 Underachievers 89
10 Alfie Rolls 88
10 SFG Werra Meissner 88
12 Stewman Wins 86
13 Mental Resiliance 77
14 Clovis FC 72

Thanks for running this Clovis.

That’s me in 2nd, feel dirty as I had to sub Zullo out and replace him with Scott fucking Jamieson shortly before kick-off. Didn’t know which of Perth’s 12 CB’s was going to get the nod, nor which of City’s foreign midfielders would start. FWIW I reckon Metcalfe is super value at $132K, he got loads of minutes through the FFA Cup and looks nailed on to start next to Brillante in a decent team.