2020-21 SFCU Player of the Season (voting thread)


This is the 10th season of the SFCU Player of the Season Award, voted by SFCU members.

How it works:

  • After each match, a poll will go up on the front page of SFCU to vote for your players of the match. You must be an SFCU user to vote. If you select “Remember me” when logging in to the SFCU front page, you should stay logged in for a year.
  • You have 6 points to allocate to players who appeared for Sydney in the match, in any way you see fit. You can give all 6 to a single player, 1 point each to six different players, whatever.
  • Your votes only count if you allocate all 6 points. A little pop-up should appear to indicate that your votes have been submitted successfully.
  • Voting will close about a week after the match.
  • The top 3 players in each match will receive 3-2-1 points respectively for the Player of the Season tally. Tied players will share the available points equally.
  • After each round, Player of the Match — the player gaining the most votes for that game — will be posted in this thread. 2nd and 3rd place will be kept secret so that the full result isn’t known until the end of the season.
  • Matches in the 2020–21 A-League and the 2021 AFC Champions League will count towards the 2020–21 SFCU Player of the Season Award.
  • At the end of the season, the full votes from every match will be made publicly available.

MOTMs this season:

Results so far this season:

Rd Vs Result Voters Player of the match Avg votes (/6)
2 Wellington Phoenix W 2-1 57 Calem Nieuwenhof 2.11
4 WS Wanderers D 1-1 50 Milos Ninkovic 1.88
5 CC Mariners L 0-2 39 Anthony Caceres 1.90
6 Macarthur FC W 3-0 49 Milos Ninkovic 2.20
7 Wellington Phoenix W 2-1 51 Kosta Barbarouses 2.53
9 Brisbane Roar D 0-0 49 Milos Ninkovic 2.00
9 Melbourne City L 2-3 42 Milos Ninkovic 2.81
10 Macarthur FC L 0-1 45 Milos Ninkovic 2.58
11 Brisbane Roar D 1-1 42 Ryan McGowan 1.86
11 Western Utd W 2-0 46 Rhyan Grant 1.72
12 Newcastle Jets W 2-1 38 Alex Wilkinson 2.03
13 Perth Glory D 1-1 38 Bobo 1.47
14 Adelaide Utd L 0-1 33 Ryan McGowan 2.88
15 Melbourne Victory W 3-0 38 Kosta Barbarouses 1.84
15 Perth Glory W 1-0 34 Kosta Barbarouses 1.41
16 Melbourne City D 1-1 29 Luke Brattan 2.07
17 Adelaide Utd D 2-2 30 Bobo 1.70
18 CC Mariners D 2-2 28 Milos Ninkovic 2.14
18 Melbourne Victory W 1-0 30 Bobo 1.13
19 WS Wanderers L 2-3 27 Anthony Caceres 2.59
20 Newcastle Jets D 1-1 21 Milos Ninkovic 2.57
21 Western Utd W 1-0 25 Milos Ninkovic 1.32
21 Melbourne Victory W 2-0 32 Milos Ninkovic 1.03
22 WS Wanderers W 1-0 38 Joel King 1.79
23 Adelaide Utd W 4-1 31 Adam Le Fondre 1.77
24 Brisbane Roar W 2-0 32 Tom Heward-Belle 1.88
SF Adelaide Utd W 2-1 37 Joel King 1.78
GF Melbourne City L 1-3 36 Tom Heward-Belle 2.61

Previous winners:


Will try be a better contributor than last season

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Apart from Vedran (and he was and had to be good in the ROT days), that is one hell of a roster of impressive players for us.

First match vs Welly open now:


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Getting an “Error establishing a database connection” message when I click the link and click the MOTM Voting link at the top of the page.

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I’m getting that message also

Hmm seems to be an issue affecting the whole front page system… paging @jubal1 ?

Sorry for the delay, I was out this morning. it’s fixed now.

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Voted, thanks for organising once again

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Just a little thing. In the forum up top there is a link to Vote MOTM. It isn’t linked to any page atm. Could this be used for Vote POTS to link to Player of the season voting location?

My shortcut in my bookmarks is straight to the forum and i 99% of the time don’t look at the front page, unless i remember to. Surely i’m not the only one.

A simple access from here at the forum would help, since the online human population has become accustomed to easy access and mental laziness, like me. :upside_down_face:

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I’m trying to fix that, but we can’t seem to locate the controls for the menu.

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Results are in for the first match vs Wellington.

First of all, a massive thanks to everyone who voted (and Jubal1 for making it easier). We had 57 voters in the end, which is the highest number since the 2017 Grand Final.

This was a two horse race, and while I can’t say who came in second, there’s no prize for guessing them. The top two players both got votes from 49 of the 57 voters, scooping up 4.13 of the 6 available, on average.

In the end there were just 5 votes in it, as Calem Nieuwenhof took the third MOTM of his Sydney FC career (having picked up a 2nd and a 3rd in his only other two appearances!). The average of 2.02 for our second-placegetter is the 4th highest non-winning tally we’ve seen (Nick Carle holds the top two spots on that list, in consecutive matches in 2011). And there was a tie for third place, so those players get half a point each for the Player of the Season scoring.


At least we don’t have massive expectations for this kid.

i made sure to vote and will try to do so each week - it was definitely easier (i was one of the people whining about it being too hard and needing to log in again etc).


Gotta spare a thought for poor old Paulo.

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At least for me, i’m not putting expectations on him. We all know the possible consequences of that. But i will give him credit when it’s due.

Can’t help but to think we’re all a bit on a first love eyes type thing with him being a young lad of our own doing good and putting in good performances in his ‘first’ outings.

Sydney Derby voting open now


Cheers mate voted. A little difficult to choose this week

I spread mine across a few players too.

Tougher than last round for sure