2020 Copa America - Argentina

Anybody heading over? I just got the time off work approved and was literally planning on booking flights today, but this has made me extremely hesitant.

I was planning to but am hesitant now too. Packages look like they’ll be able to secure tickets but I’m not really interested in those kind of tours / experience.

Yeah I’m not booking a GGarmy tour. Those things are ludicrously expensive. I’ll hold out another month or so, but I may pull the plug if there is no positive update.

Me neither. I booked Russia all myself and it came in almost half of what GG army were charging.

Pretty much in the same boat. If it doesn’t look like I can guaranteed tickets by the end of March I probably won’t bother.

Anybody been watching this? The difference between this with no fans and Euros with some fans is stark. Still, been a decent watch.

Watched about 10 mins of the QF and turned it off in protest when Enner Valencia took one of the worst dives in history.

Like old mate from Italy, shot from the stands by a sniper in the box, before making a miraculous recovery after Italy scored?

I’ve found it impossible to watch more than a minute or so given the dismal atmosphere and the fact that this tournament probably shouldn’t be on, or certainly not moved out of one COVID-infested country to an equally COVID infested country because the latter happens to have a tin pot dictator at the helm.

The general quality of the tournament sucks, too. Combination of players with the worst attitude and inclination towards negative and unsporting play, plus games where there is realistically only ever going to be one outcome (even a team like Colombia has only ever beaten Brazil three times in history), it’s gotta be the lamest and least interesting tournament in world football.

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That looked shithouse, but haven’t seen a replay of the actual challenge because they scored immediately afterwards and no one cared to check it. There was a high boot, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Immobile got caught and was (more understandably) staying down to entice a VAR review.

The Argies and Ecuador were just taking turns to go down at corners, literally their arms were brushing and blokes were hitting the floor holding their faces. Next level stuff. The Valencia one he had the mildest contact from an arm extended toward his abdomen and he went down like he’d been shot. Absolutely pathetic.

He was milking it like absolutely crazy. There was a bit of rolling etc. The part that really shits me, is that there was a Belgian defender that was pulled out of position because of that, which helped lead to the goal. The defender was more complaining about the overacting. It’s a pretty dog act…

FIFA really does need to do something about players obviously milking fouls. I’ve said it before, but if a player drops and requires the game to stop, there should be a mandatory 5 minute “recuperation” period on the sidelines. The biggest failing of VAR, is that it’s not being used to punish players for faking injuries and contact. Games should be stopped and cards given if a player fakes a fall, even if the ref doesn’t call it.

Except for those 12 months where we thought we were playing in it.

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After about 20 fouls in 20 minutes, Di Maria puts Argentina up 1-0

Probably at least one blatant hack unpunished per foul too!

Horrific game to watch, nice finish for sure but even the goal was kinda long ball rubbish. About on par with any League 2 game I’ve ever watched.

The vision was lovely. It certainly wasn’t a long ball hit and hope at all. But the defensive error from Lodi was what made it look so poor

It does make the whole onto wanting to watch the best players concept wrong. Would put most aleague games I saw this season as far better and we definitely play easier in the eye.

Yeah, if it was a friendly between these two it’d probably be more open, but because there’s a trophy at stake there’s all the negativity and shithousery. Typical CONMEBOL.

RE: the goal, poor from Ederson to get caught in no mans land too. Can’t come out to close that aggressively with a bouncing ball, made Di Maria’s decision for him.

The pitch looks terrible. Still, having even the small number of fans in the stadium has made this a million times better to watch than every other game I’ve tried to.

I’d love to know how much time the ball actually spent in play today

I’m amazed it’s only 33