2022-23 SFCU A-League Tipping Comp

I hope the admins don’t mind me setting this up, but I thought I’d set up a tipping competition for the season as a bit of fun.


Comp Number: 116602
Password: Sydney FC

It’s pretty quick an easy to set up a simple account. Use your forum names so we can all recognize each other.


So round 1.

Only 5 of you decided to join :joy:

Round 2 still open. Still time to join. 3 pts per correct tip plus a bonus point if you get the margin.

This fizzled pretty quickly after a few rounds last year but it is integrated with Keep-Up this year. Anyone interested in trying it out?

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Keen to do it through Keepup/Newname just so I don’t need yet another login.

Could we merge the threads?

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Merge which threads? Is there another tipping thread or do you mean merge it with Fantasy somehow? I think keeping it separate from Fantasy makes more sense. Even though they use the same login they’re completely different competitions.

Yeah I did mean the fantasy one.

Easy either way, so long as I don’t need another login!