2022 AFC World Cup Qualification


The road to the 2022 World Cup has begun with the first round of matches playing their second legs tonight. They also double as the Asian Cup qualifiers as well.

After the first leg its

Mongolia 2-0 Brunei
Bangladesh 1-0 Laos
Malaysia 7-1 Timor-Leste
Cambodia 2-0 Pakistan

Guam 5-1 Bhutan have already played the second leg and moved onto the second round

Macau vs Sri Lanka second leg has been cancelled because Macau refused to send their players to Sri Lanka because of the risk of player safety.

The draw for the second round is on 17th July and then the first matches will start on 5th September

Streams for Qualifiers


Apparently the players/coaching staff said that they wanted to go but their governing body said no.


Yeah they apparently released a statement signed by most of the senior team, the U23s and U18s saying that they will “no longer be available to represent Macau” if the game didn’t go ahead

AFC has referred the matter to FIFA


The second leg matches were played last night and moving onto the Second Round is


Awaiting to here what happens for the Sri Lanka vs Macau fixture.


Interesting for those who haven’t seen, there’s a real A-League connection with the Guam team. They are coached by Karl Dodd and I was surprised to see that their assistant coach is Daniel McBreen.

Kudos to them for really toughing it out with obscure jobs.

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In fairness, definitely worse places to work than Guam


Macau has been fined 10,000 CHF and they forfeit the match against Sri Lanka 3-0.



Yemen up 2-1 over Singapore at HT

I got to boo Shaun Evans however so
I’m happy.


Terrific result by India getting a draw in Qatar. Looked like most fans in the stands were Indian.
But why the hell are Qatar in the qualifiers? Do they double as qualification for the Asian Cup?


Yup. Qatar needs to finish top two in their group to reach the next stage of qualifying for 2023. They are already qualified for the World Cup as hosts, so if they finish in a position which would result in progress to the next round of WCQ (i.e. group winner or top 4 runners-up) then their spot in that stage would instead be taken by the 5th-best runner-up.

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I see China’s new approach to naturalising long-term players in China has already paid off with Elkeson scoring two. He’s going to do some serious damage to some of these AFC defences.