2023-24 SFCU Player of the Season: RESULTS

And the results are in for the 2023–24 SFCU Player of the Season!

As always, huge thanks to Grant, Alex & James for making this possible and everyone who voted throughout the year for making this happen! The full list of voters is here, so if you don’t like the results, that is who to blame. Or vote more often yourself. :wink:

But without further ado…

Joe Lolley is your 2023–24 SFCU Player of the Season

With 11 MOTMs, 4 second-places and 6 thirds, he picked up 46.5 points. Lolley is the first player to win the award back-to-back.

A fair way back in second place was Anthony Cáceres (4 MOTMs, 4 seconds, 4 thirds; 24 points), the 2021–22 winner returning to the podium after falling to 16th last season. Just behind him was Hayden Matthews (4 MOTMs, 5 seconds, 2 thirds; 23.5 points), who played basically only half the season.

There were a few falls from grace compared to last season, with Róbert Mak dropping from 2nd to 11th and Max Burgess from 3rd to 12th. Rhyan Grant didn’t quite have his worst season on this score, but finished in 19th with just half a point.

Here are the top 3 for every match:

RdVsResVotersMOTM (Avg votes)2nd3rd
R32CCMD 3-331Andrew Redmayne (1.74)Jaiden KucharskiKealey Adamson
R16APIW 2-041Anthony Cáceres (1.73)Kealey AdamsonJoe Lolley
QFWUW 3-036Joe Lolley (1.44)Jack RodwellJake Girdwood-Reich
SFMCW 2-128Joe Lolley (2.11)Patrick WoodJake Girdwood-Reich
FBRW 3-134Joe Lolley (2.56)Fábio GomesKealey Adamson
1MVL 0-237Gabriel Lacerda (1.73)Joe LolleyMax Burgess
2BRL 0-329Róbert Mak (1.79)Zac De JesusJake Girdwood-Reich
3MCL 0-228Anthony Cáceres (0.96)Zac De JesusJaiden Kucharski
4AUW 5-136Joe Lolley (2.86)Jaiden KucharskiFábio Gomes
5WSWL 0-124Gabriel Lacerda (1.79)Luke BrattanJoe Lolley
6PGW 3-223Joe Lolley (1.61)Gabriel LacerdaCorey Hollman
7MacL 0-222Luke Brattan (1.41)Joe LolleyGabriel Lacerda
8MVL 0-319Jaiden Kucharski (1.42)Jack RodwellJoel King
9WUW 4-217Joe Lolley (2.41)Luke BrattanFábio Gomes
10WPW 3-123Joe Lolley (1.91)Fábio GomesJaiden Kucharski
11BRW 2-123Fábio Gomes (2.09)Joe LolleyJaiden Kucharski
URAUL 3-423Joe Lolley (2.61)Anthony CáceresJaiden Kucharski
13NJW 4-024Max Burgess (2.25)Joe LolleyJake Girdwood-Reich
14MVD 1-131Jordan Courtney-Perkins (2.45)Jake Girdwood-ReichGabriel Lacerda
15WUD 2-221Jake Girdwood-Reich (1.14)Fábio GomesJoe Lolley
16CCMW 3-128Anthony Cáceres (2.29)Jake Girdwood-ReichHayden Matthews
17AUW 2-126Jake Girdwood-Reich (1.46)Hayden MatthewsAnthony Cáceres
18MCD 1-130Jordan Courtney-Perkins (1.93)Luke BrattanAnthony Cáceres
19WSWW 4-128Anthony Cáceres (1.04)Jake Girdwood-ReichRhyan Grant & Corey Hollman
20BRD 1-126Jordan Courtney-Perkins (1.81)Hayden MatthewsJoe Lolley
21WPL 1-221Andrew Redmayne (1.52)Anthony CáceresRóbert Mak & Jordan Courtney-Perkins
22CCMW 2-025Hayden Matthews (1.40)Anthony CáceresJoe Lolley
12PGD 1-122Luke Brattan (1.41)Hayden MatthewsAndrew Redmayne
23NJL 1-327Hayden Matthews (2.33)Fábio GomesAnthony Cáceres
24WSWW 2-138Hayden Matthews (1.42)Luke BrattanJoe Lolley
25MacL 0-120Joe Lolley & Hayden Matthews (1.20)---Corey Hollman
26PGW 7-126Joe Lolley (1.19)Anthony CáceresRóbert Mak
EFMacW 4-033Joe Lolley (1.67)Róbert MakHayden Matthews
SF1CCML 1-221Luke Brattan (1.57)Hayden MatthewsJoel King
SF2CCMD 0-024Luke Brattan (1.50)Hayden MatthewsAnthony Cáceres

And the full final standings. Players are ranked according to the number of Player of the Season points, then the number of MOTMs, 2nd place finishes, 3rd place finishes and the total number of votes in the case of ties.

RankPlayerMOTM2nd3rdAvg votesPoints
1Joe Lolley114637.4146.5
2Anthony Cáceres44420.9024.0
3Hayden Matthews45216.2923.5
4Luke Brattan44016.4420.0
5Jake Girdwood-Reich23413.0216.0
6Fábio Gomes14211.0413.0
7Jaiden Kucharski12411.2011.0
8Gabriel Lacerda21210.1010.0
9Jordan Courtney-Perkins30111.549.5
10Andrew Redmayne2017.767.0
11Róbert Mak1129.966.5
12Max Burgess1016.914.0
13Jack Rodwell0203.994.0
14Zac De Jesus0202.614.0
15Kealey Adamson0123.584.0
16Corey Hollman0038.692.5
17Patrick Wood0103.682.0
18Joel King0024.232.0
19Rhyan Grant0016.390.5
20Mitch Glasson0001.550.0
21Adam Pavlesic0001.450.0
22Aaron Gurd0000.730.0
23Nathan Amanatidis0000.250.0
24Adrian Segecic0000.160.0
25Matthew Scarcella0000.100.0

You can find the full results for every match here, and I’ve also done the usual blog post with a few bonus stats and graphs.

All winners:

Thanks for playing!


Not that this one was a huge surprise, but remind me in the future not to mention anything about the results in the pre-match pub to @jubal1 . No-one can be trusted!


This is why we can’t have nice things…

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Immense thanks again for doing this Rowdy, one of these years I’m going to actually be sober enough to vote after every game… :pray:

Life contract for Haydos please. That’s absolutely amazing he’s placed third, not only given the lesser number of appearances, but especially given the tendency of votes to land on those higher up the pitch. He’s already equalled Wilko’s SFC total of 4 MOM’s. :hushed:


Lolley first player to get 2 in a row.

I reckon he’s a chance for the treble.

Crazy that Rodwell has more points than rhyno…

Surprising, didn’t think Grant had a bad season at all and from memory I gave him votes now and then. But I suppose he didn’t have many stand out games and that’s what gets you the points.

Thanks Rowdy! Looking forward to next season already.


Brilliant… love the analysis


Yeah it’s sometimes interesting to compare rankings using the total (average) votes vs points. Grant would move up from 19th to 14th, which I think reflects getting some-but-not-enough votes in many matches but also that he played a lot more than most of the 5 players directly above him.

On that measure, Corey Hollman would be in 11th, which I think is a fairer reflection of his season.


Amazing stuff. Must be very sweet for Lolley to win again