2023 FIFA Women's World Cup

I couldn’t see a dedicated thread to the competition in general yet, and as we’re knocking on the door of World Cup week, might be a good time to start one here so we can return the Matildas thread to general Matildas topics.

How good, the World Cup is actually here at last! The biggest women’s World Cup ever. Close to a million tickets sold. Fan festivals and public screenings all across town. 11 matches played in Sydney.

Haiti, Morocco, Panama, the Philippines, Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Vietnam and Zambia will be making their debuts at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. This World Cup will be the first ever FIFA tournament the Philippines have taken part in.

This is Panama’s, Portugal’s and Vietnam’s first ever FIFA women’s competition, having only taken part in various FIFA men’s tournaments. Zambia made history as the first landlocked country in Africa to qualify for a World Cup for either sex. Morocco became the first-ever Arab country to qualify for the Women’s World Cup, while the Republic of Ireland mark their first-ever appearance at any senior women’s tournament.

Africa will have four representatives for the first time in the competition’s history.

And Australia are going to win the World Cup.



Groups A, C, E and G are playing their group matches in NZ. B, D, F and H in Aus.

What’s everyone got tickets to?

I’m going to Matildas v Ireland, France v Jamaica, England v Denmark and two Round of 16 games. I just so psyched to have a bloody world cup here.

Going to every game in Sydney!


Admire the optimism. Some really good signs in recent games, especially the game management / grinding it out when not playing domineering football. 12-18 months ago I looked at the top 10 ranked sides and thought we could maybe beat Japan, now we could potentially beat any of them on our day. But it’s still going to require an absolute miracle to win the whole thing as they’ll have to go undefeated against 5 of those sides in a row (starting with Canada). :pray: :crossed_fingers:

Matildas vs Ireland
Germany vs Colombia (SFS)

Gave semi tickets a miss but will potentially end up with a mates ticket to that one, his missus is due that week so if he’s required on deck and can’t make it I’ll end up chaperoning his eldest.

Im heading to the game against Ireland, then coming back down for a week and catching the 3 pool games at the SFS.

England vs Denmark, Germany vs Colombia + a Round of 16 game which will hopefully have the Matildas in it.

I’m in for Colombia vs South Korea, Germany vs Colombia, and the Final.

Very possibly will grab a late ticket to a few more games as my schedule allows, availability pending.

I’ve got tix for the tillies v Ireland & vs Nigeria in Brisbane, 3 other pool games in Syd and QF.

If anyone sees a cat 2 or 3 for the final give me a shout please :pray:

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Four games at Stadium Oz

Aus V Ire

M53 - 1B v 2D
R16 - Probably Aus v Denmark

M60 - W54 v W56
Qtr - Probably England v Germany or Brazil or France

M62 - W59 v W60
Semi - Who knows, I don’t want to be the Jinxy McJinkface that says the Tilly’s will be one of the teams in this game.

I’ve got v Ireland, finally, as well as Lionesses v Danes and 1E v 2G. Might try and pick more up along the way, now I know the resale platform can actually be successfully used…

Haven’t had any joy on the Google, does anyone know if there’s a live site at OP? Would be good to watch the opening NZ match on a big screen somewhere before heading inside for Matildas vs Ireland…

Got tickets to:

England vs Denmark
Germany vs Columbia
Round of 16 (Allianz on the 6th)

Pretty stoked, will do a live site or pub for the Matilda’s games.

I haven’t seen any evidence of it, though it would be nice if they had one.

There’s this one in Parramatta. If you can tolerate some Wanderers propaganda thrown in.

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Locker Room might be showing it?

Can’t see anything on their Facebook page as it’s all rugby league related, but I cant imagine they’d miss an opportunity to bring a fair few people in for the game before hand.

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Thanks for that. Did see the Parramatta Square one but it might be a bit tight getting from there a bit before 7 (end of NZ game) in to our seats up in the nosebleeds by 8. Like I’m sure it can be done, but it would be a hustle and induce unnecessary stress for the biggest game.

Might just hit Locker Room or Brewery. :+1:


Just noticed three adult tickets, all sat together, to Matildas vs Ireland on Thursday are up on the resale site at the moment.

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What do people think is the best train station to park at and get to the stadium this Thursday night? My wife rolled her ankle at football and only P5 parking is available at the stadium. It is a 1.5kms walk.