2024 Copa America

It’s almost on! It’s on Optus and at great times for those that work from home especially!!

The groups:

The sensibly timed fixtures:

The Worst kits:

What have I missed?

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Nice. 10 & 11 am slots work well.

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Still spewing that COVID robbed the Socceroos of playing the Copa a few years back, but those late morning fixtures are something to get properly excited about.


Chachi which is I think is in the total football complex in Alexandria next to Rocks brewing is showing thesr games. I haven’t been to their new place but the food at their last location was incredible. Can see that the Colombia game could get spicy!

Anyone but Argentina or Brazil.

Give us something interesting please, football gods!

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Hopefully we’ll get invited back next time it’s Asia rotation

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With the NBA just finishing this will fill up my daytime viewing nicely

They’ll probably end up starting poorly & then winning the whole thing.

Ive got tickets to Uruguay vs Bolivia in New York and Uruguay vs USA in Kansas.

No clue how im going to get to the stadium in Kansas. Its the middle of nowhere. There are a fair few stadiums like this in the tournament as well as for the world cup.

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Why are all the Argentineans (and their coaching staff) wearing captains arm bands?

It’s like the Mary Celeste around here with half of my team on leave or WFH so I’m going to watch Copa all day. Canada not doing so bad so far.

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To get around the no talking to the referee unless you’re the captain rule?

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Canada have been really impressive so far

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That Canadian keeper is in beast mode.

I didn’t get to see the game so I’m not sure, did Costa Rica have a great game or are Brazil actually a bit shit?

The match was there to take for Brazil but the keeper for Costa Rica was immense. Kept maybe half a dozen chances out.

I cannot abide by the commentators.

Switch it to Spanish! Much less stab inducing!!

Canada beat Peru

Peru down to 10 and came close towards the end.

They looked ok against Argentina the other day

Chile Argentina should be spicy…