2024 Copa America

colombia right now

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Will be a great final. Colombia can play elegant & scrappy football all at the same time.

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Gutted. Just didnt seem to have anything left in the tank, and the injuries and suspensions didnt help.

Good luck to Colombia in the final. Hope they go on and win it.

Not sure what Suarez said, but it started a riot. Uruguayan players in the stands right now fighting Colombia fans. Not a good look.


I feel like I lost 10 years of my life in those last 7 minutes.

Colombia to win it, please.


You can take the copa out of south america, but you can’t take the south american out of the copa.


Darwin Nunez throwing punches in the stands




Apparently Columbian supporters started punching on with the families of the Uruguayan players



How’s the Uruguayan fan about half way through sneaking around the back/right to clock one in the head then sneak off, or be dragged off - he does disappear quickly

Everyone in the curfuffle is lucky that the US police officers didnt start unloading clips into the commotion. One officer unclips hes tazer before he is talked to by a trainer before he makes a call on his radio.

I’ve spent some time at south american football matches and there’s a strange push and pull between the police and fans in the satdiums. I don’t know how that situation would play out in the US. A serious tradgedy could have unfolded today.

All my Argentinian friends are very nervous about this final.

They are all saying they haven’t been as good as previous and Messi is just about past it. Martinez being their best player in goals is a worry.

They are saying the Colombians play hard and could run over Argentina.

Colombia is the Chile of a few tournaments back, who beat Argie in finals in consecutive years in much the same fashion both times (Regular Copa and Centenario).

It’s interesting, talking to people from different countries.

The Argentineans are confident.

The Colombians are stressed, excited and nervous.

The Chileans think the competition has been rigged from the start for an Argentina win.

The Brazilians didn’t even realise the competition was still going.


The US is just surprised there’s more countries outside of the US…

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The Canadians are really sorry that they didn’t get into the finals.

Despite not winning any games, the Jamaicans are still on a high.