3rd Place Playoff: Australia vs Sweden

Not the game we wanted to play but still a chance to get third place.

Squad with no changes again


So no change to the starting line up for even this match.
He’s really keen to flog them into the ground. I imagine there will be a fair bit of unhappiness developing with anyone outside the 14 favourites.


Yeah its the wrong choice and really running them into the ground. Whilst Id ideally loved if all of grant, Nevin, Wheeler, Chidiac and Grant started (nothing agianst Luik, Simon- if shes fit, Yallop but they’re unlikely to be at the next cup), even bringing in 1 or 2 would have bought some freshness for this game.

And also worth remembering two players have also only seem minutes because of Kerr and Kennedy injuries. Terrible squad management to basically rely on 14ish players.


Can’t wait til Tony is gone, what an idiot.

Terrible team selection on every level.

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And an indicator that as well as we have done and as close as we appear to have come, with TG in charge we could never have won this tournament.

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By comparison, Sweden apparently have used 22 of their 23 players.

23 for '23!


Ikea, this’ll be a tough game.

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It should be an ABBAsolute cracker.

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Oh, sorry, this isn’t the Bad Dad Joke thread.

He has no faith in the wider squad…

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Only two games left in this World Cup.

I hate this.

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Apparently Tony G has been recommended for the U.S. job by Jill Ellis.

I hope they take him and we can get someone who is a bit more than a vibes person who can coach a little bit.


Welcome to Country delivers


Terrible isnt it. Sucks that this is our last game of potentially our only ever home world cup

I know we’re wearing away because we’re on the bottom side of the draw but still feels so wrong

Jesus effing Christ, no wonder national active can never fully take off. Matildas Active Support was specifically allocated a few rows which they took expressions of interest to hand out. People behind first whinging about the Johnny Warren banner, then yelling at the active yo sit down because they can’t see. FIFA didn’t allow a mega at all throughout.

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Perfect reason why the handball rule is stupid.

Ball was kicked point blank range at Bjorn, knowing she couldnt get out of the way. It’s a natural reaction to flinch and protect your vitals/body/genitalia l.

Got to agree it felt awkward.

And who’d have guessed Sweden look much fresher than us

We’ve completed 23 passes in 16 minutes of play