A-League Men - 14-19 January

Just the two games now that the F3 Derby has been postponed.

Adelaide vs City - Saturday 14 Jan - 7:45pm
Brisbane vs Perth - Wednesday 19 Jan - 7:45pm


Or both postponed. Who even knows?

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My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

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All these games postponed, yet still having two games in at once. Classic /. - Liga.

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But with this added wrinkle apparently…


What if you’re in Perth?

suffer in ya jocks


That’s kind of brilliant. Well done A-Leagues.

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First post update

Brisbane vs Perth is pretty dire viewing to date. If only we had last seasons entertainment with this seasons FTA deal…

Roar midfield 3 are quite good imo. Lescano …not so much

Now that Cook mis-kick, O’Shea chip and Aspro clearance is the kind of batshit entertainment I’m accustomed to.

Im still not getting what the point of Keogh playing in behind a front 2 is. useless

I know they’re never given, but that should be a foul. Brisbane guy gets absolutely cleaned up, studs on ankle, after he took the shot.
Anywhere else and it’s a foul and a yellow.

Just said the same to the missus. If he’s crossing from the byline and gets caught like that then nailed on VAR would get involved, should be no different just because he’s smacked the crossbar from 6 yards out.

Did not even know this was on