A-League Men - 4-9 March

Melbourne vs Macarthur - Friday 4 March - 7:45pm
Western vs Newcastle - Saturday 5 March - 3:05pm
CMM vs Roar - Saturday 5 March - 5:05pm
Nux vs City - Sunday 6 March - 4:05pm
Perth vs Adelaide - Sunday 6 March - 7:05pm
CCM vs Melbourne - Wednesday 9 March - 5:05pm
City vs Macarthur - Wednesday 9 March - 7:05pm
Nux vs Jets - Wednesday 9 March - 7:45pm

I’ve realised that there are very few teams I can watch impartially… well, only CCM and Wellington really… everyone else i have a strong dislike for


Lachie Rose really grinds my gears for no particular reason. I’m sure he is a nice fella and doesn’t do anything offensive in any way….but still

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He’s no Robbie Kruise

Incidentally, do Melbourne Victrory have the most terrible, terrible haircuts ever assembled in a starting XI?

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For the next 90 minutes he has the task of putting a ball in a MVFC net, I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt until approximately 9:30 this evening.

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Super defensive work by the Bulls. Dagastino is good though, didn’t panic like some other young A League strikers. Cough Trent

This is getting a bit fiery, good to see. Victory doing Victory things. Davidson needs to calm the fuck down

The referee is actually doing a good job in this match and the commentators are complaining about every decision.


Also that’s a really ugly colour yellow.

Davidson trying to play the hardman whilst having baby pink hair is humorous

Kurto is a fraud.

Good shot stopper, bad keeper.

As much as I hate to say it, Victory deserve to be leading at half time. Macarthur with zero shots. They have to be one of the most boring Australian teams in years

Gee that’s horrible defending.

The best thing about a Kelava howler is the face he pulls afterwards, trying to sell that he doesn’t do something like that every week. If he’s genuine he’s deadset the only person in the stadium who’s actually surprised.


Yeah it’s a great thing to watch. His mistake that led to the corner was just as good. He makes a needless touch that gives up the corner and then looks to blame his defenders for it.

He only grinds my gears because of last season Andy Harper wouldn’t shut the fuck up about him like he’s the next Lionel Messi, and he’s marginally better than state league.

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It’s more that certain football commentators go unnecessarily crazy for him. I have no beef at all against the guy, personally. He seems an honest enough player and person, and gives it his best on the field.

Ivanovic should’ve scored there. Nice cross. Very lazy “marking” from Tongyik.

That was a tidy finish from N’kololo. 1-0 Mariners!