A-League Men - Round 1

What useless defending.

Can’t believe Maclaren was being played onside there

Or unmarked at the far post.

Don’t overrule this soft shit, just get on with the game already

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I had a similar issue. This might help.

Ordinary decision.

Fuck me that is a horrendous decision.

Shaun Evans and the assistant both saw it in real time and thought nothing of it.
If they’re not going to back their initial decision in circumstances like that then they shouldn’t be out there.

Whoever the VAR is tonight should be binned for intervening there as well.

Fuck we should’ve kept Talbot, he’s looking solid so far

exactly what I was going to post.
They would have both been looking at that challenge, there was nothing there.

That’ll bring the fans back

Nabbout should have been booked earlier for dropping the shoulder into someone else.

First goal of the season is an own goal. That makes sense.


How did they fuck that up?

Also good to see Troisi get a yellow card for being a whiny dick.

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I’m watching a stream with a german commentator and he is loving it.

Talking about Australia constantly, mentioning facts about all the teams, knows about all the players and keeps getting excited with all the play.

He didn’t agree with the VAR either.


My idea is to use a wisdom of crowds algorithm in future to make VAR decisions. Get an algorithm to go through every relevant forum/Twitter/Reddit etc to get the reaction within the first minute of the event and let the general consensus be the correct decision.

You can say it’d be manipulated but the algo would take into account and exclude biases and questionable trends, the age of people’s accounts, historical biases etc.

I think it’s the way forward by like 2030-2050 or something. It’s just interesting to me how 90% of people can fairly clearly agree the decision was wrong yet the 1-2 people making it seem to get it wrong.

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For a GF rematch and derby, this crowd is pretty pathetic.
City Football have really ripped the Heart out.

WU look bog average. The yellow was Troisi’s most meaningful contribution, I don’t think he had a single succesful possession. Half of Kilkenny’s touches have been booting the ball into the sky.

Also, soft foul but I’m happy to see the McLaren goal struck out because I’m pretty. The one that stood is a much better classic ALeague opener for the season.

And no one is 100% sure if it went over the line

DM me for streams if you need em

The german commentator even had a half-time show.
Troisi is hilariously bad.

The city players are such massive cry babies.