A-League Men - Round 1

Get excited, we’re back today!

First off, don’t forget to fill out your predictions for the season:

A great opening round:
Friday 7/10 7:45pm - City vs Western United
Saturday 8/10 5pm - Roar vs Macarthur (Does anyone know if this is 5pm here or 5pm local?)
Saturday 8/10 5pm - CCM vs Jets
Sunday 9/10 1pm - Nux vs Adelaide
Sunday 9/10 3pm - WSW vs Perth

Nux (Just on the home ground)

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What’s the deal with Prijovic? Never appeared in the Cup as he was angling to head back to Europe, but they’re holding him to his contract and making him play out the season?

4pm local time according to Suncorp Stadium.

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MacArthur should win but apart from that all home teams this round. Including us hopefully

Shameless plug from me.

I set up a tipping competition for the forum if anyones interested.

2022-23 SFCU A-League Tipping Comp - Australian Football - SFCU Forum

I’ve got a work function on this evening, so unfortunately will end up missing the City v West Melbourne match.

Would be handy if P+ had the pause/rewind function, as I’ll probably get home with something like 10 minutes to go. At worst, It would be nice if the whole match was uploaded straight after the final whistle so I could watch the game on repay at midnight/1am when feeding the babies. Don’t expect to see the replay up until approximately some time Saturday morning…

MC V WU : City
MB V BR: Macarthur
CC V NJ: Draw
WP V AU: Draw
WS V PG: Wanderers

Two years old but mostly still applicable!



Talbot gets the nod ahead of Galloway.

And a Google search generally bring up a person’s own local time, so, yes.

Perth (Where’s your confidence, Sydney fans!?)

Anyone know of a good mobile streaming service to watch aleague games?

Disappointing crowd

Can someone please remind me what metrics these teams hit to deserve an A-League licence? Absolutely embarrassing crowd.


Ironically, a pretty good WU turnout though.

Have they started on their stadium yet?

Yep, Paramou…. Oh, wait, you said “Good”.


Got back on paramount through the Sydney fc offer.

No confirmation email, and when I log in it tries to make me sign up again…

Once you go to sign up it gives you the option to enter your promo code.

Plenty of acestream links available.

City really are a joke.

And that number style looks gross. Is it something that’s popular on the tiktok?

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