A-League Men - Round 11 Discussion - 2022-23

Friday 6 January - 7:45pm - Australia’s Shame vs Roar
Friday 6 January - 10:30pm - Perth vs WSW
Saturday 7 January - 5:00pm - CCM vs Adelaide
Saturday 7 January - 7:45pm - City vs Western
Sunday 8 January - 3:00pm - Macarthur vs Jets


Why are ccm playing the same time as us? Ridiculous.

Football culture? We must for some reason have multiple games on at the same time!

Perth and Roar also have their catch up game (postponed pre-WC break) on Tuesday night, hence them both playing tonight and having 2 games on a Friday.

Fucking stupid having 3 games over 2 timeslots tomorrow though, maybe they’re just trying to sabotage those viewing metrics.

A bit dramatic covering the active section in black when they could of just roped it off.

MV versus Roar isn’t on.

Was the game postponed?

There was a requirement to tarp at least the first four rows, from memory

It is on. Watching on P+ now

Scott Neville tempting fate by tossing his used tape towards the front row. :grimacing:


Brisbane don’t fuck around at the back. They just go long regardless if it goes to one of their players or not.

Amazingly, this Victimy team would probably be infinitely better if Poppa subbed on DJ Brox for Nani. Not kidding.

(Brox as the 3rd CB with Spira and Roderick, move Geria to RWB where he currently inexplicably has Brillante, move Brillante to 6 next to Marchan, and finally move Brimmer from 6 to 10 instead of the Porko fraud).

Very strange. P+ on Fetch is showing a Round 1 Melbourne City game instead of tonight’s scheduled game.

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Well deserved, was just thinking in a dogshit game that O’Shea has been the only player worth watching. Always tidy on the ball and has been their best player since Fowler raided the lower leagues.

And Bill’s cousin needs to give up this football caper and just go do athletics. He’s great at the running bit and fucking terrible at everything involving the ball.

A very dull game


It’s clear all of the media and off field stuff has affected Australia’s Shame on the pitch.

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I had the same problem using a fetch box and it’s not the first time its happened. I exited the paramount app and re opened it and it was still showing brisbane v city. Turned the box off and on again to fix it.

Yeah I went through the menu and watched the trailer for the current round and then suddenly the MV v Roar game was available to watch.

They weren’t too flash before pissy pants decided that flare bucket might come in handy…

Sure but they were likely to get into the top six. They were 3-1-3 before and are 0-0-3 since, including losing to a dross Western squad and a Roar team that had only won 2 games before tonight.