A-League Men - Round 13 Discussion - 2022-23

I’ll fill in the matches later, Adelaide vs Macarthur at 7:45 tonight.


Macarthur win. Adelaide’s form is rank at the moment. They couldn’t even beat Australia’s Shame last week.

Fancy being a professional footballer and trying to hit that with the outside of your left instead of rolling a simple side foot pass with your right for a tap in. :rofl:

No replay yet but looked red before I saw the stud marks

Crazy that the ref pulled out the yellow first, but good that he had the sense to discuss with the linesman. That’s almost a combo of last man + crazy studs up challenge.

That was a horrible challenge

Carl Veart still yelled that Warland got the ball :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Dreadful stuff from Macarthur. Zero intentions to keep the ball and move Adelaide around. If anything, Adelaide are more likely to score than Macarthur, despite their luck earlier.

Ibasuki has to score that. Can’t believe he’s missed that.

Games at Coopers are a constant reminder of how Adelaide is the meth capital of Australia.

And Paramount has dropped out at HT. Absolutely fucking pathetic piece of shit service.


Ben Homer is the new Brenton Speed. JFC …

What was that for?

whY diDn’T wE keEp wArlAnD instEaD of sIgNinG roDwElL

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Would like an explanation on the second Hollman yellow - took him about 30 seconds to change his mind.

edit: sounds like it was one of the assistants

Yeah Paramount refuses to work for the game. Rubbish.


Have been trying to watch the second half and cannot get the game up on the Paramount App


Gauci’s having a game tonight

P+ can go do one. Having the same issues.


I was thinking about going to the Perth v victory game tonight but it’s still 38° in Perth.
Not likely to be much of a game