A-League Men - Round 14 Discussion - 2022-23

Friday 27/1 - 7:45 - Jets vs Roar
Saturday 28/1 - 1:00 - Nux vs Perth
Saturday 28/1 - 5:00 - Macarthur vs Western
Saturday 28/1 - 7:45 - CCM vs WSW
Sunday 29/1 - 3:00 - City vs Adelaide

What a barn burner of a time that 1pm on Saturday will be!


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Is that 1pm Sydney time, or 1pm Wellington time?


At least the sun will be down(ish) by the time their game starts.

I’m going to pick home wins for all five games.

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Love me a bit of 10am football

Some decent games this weekend,

Am I the only person in Australia watching the Jets v Roar game?

The run from Piscopo absolutely deserved that goal

Piscopo has been great, Jets are one or two decent players away from being a top 6 team, they are let down by Hoffman, Ingham, and despite the goal Sotirio is a dud most of the time. The new Japanese player seems decent so if he comes in for Sotirio they’ll improve.

Also that Stynes kid is like a discount Burgess, it’s uncanny how similar their play style is.

Great goal by Buhagiar. Glad for him.

Great finish for the third!

You can’t just drop that without checking in to make sure people are sitting down and not operating heavy machinery first!


Jets will be just behind us on GD, the comp gets even tighter.

If the ball hits the bar twice before going in you should get extra points


Only seven points between second and second last

Al-Taay was excellent in the engine room for Newy, allowed Thurgate and Piscopo the freedom to get forward, he’ll keep Branners out with ease if he keeps playing like that.

Don’t understand why piscopo was benched the last few games. Clearly has cost them points

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Welly 2-1 inside the first 20 mins. The pitch looks very dodgy.

Wow. The pitch is a joke. It actually looks like a marshalling area at a horse track.