A League Men - Round 16 Discussion - 2022-23

Friday 10 February

Kayo Stadium
Brisbane v Central Coast Mariners FC

Saturday 11 February

AAMI Stadium
Western United v Adelaide

Macedonia Park
Perth Glory v Melbourne City

Sunday 12 February

Newcastle v Australia’s Shame
McDonald Jones

MacArthur v Wellington


Mariners wearing their away kit again when there is no clash.

There’s definitely a clash between orange/black and yellow/navy.

That was an extremely soft pen, but given who was involved and what happened last week I have zero sympathy.

Not really. Ref is wearing yellow even. Though I had forgotten they didn’t have stripes this year.

Trying to get an idea of what happened tonight but KeepUp shows score only. No details of scorers, or team lineups or anything else. Definitely worth the tens of millions pumped into it. :+1:

Don’t bother getting details. Two of the worst penalty decisions you will see.

I am now positive VAR will not overturn a penalty decision this season. Are referees deciding now giving big moments to the attacking side thinking VAR will change any bad decision? Last week seemed to suggest that as well.

Of the many things I hate about VAR the thing I hate most is officials changing the way they officiate because of it. This is even more dangerous in Australia where we don’t have enough host broadcasting cameras at the ground. We couldn’t even get a front on view of the Brisbane penalty.


I just hate VAR.

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I’ve just watched the mini match. The ref had an absolute shocker, neither of those were pens.

Watching Brisbane play in a small suburban stadium in front of under 4000 people with The Den having only about 30-40 people makes me very sad about the state of that club. The Bakries have killed what was once one of the premier clubs in the competition. Yeah I know Brisbane is a fair weather city and the crowds would be decent if they actually were playing well, but there’s no indication that’s going to happen any time soon.

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What’s the deal with not using Ballymore? Seems a lot better location wise and size (18k) appropriate.

Is Ballymore still a steaming shithole or have they finally fixed it up?

I really don’t think the size argument is right, though. They’re not close to selling out at Dolphin Stadium, never mind Ballymore.

Looks like work is ongoing

What it size appropriate for them though? Not too many years ago they were averaging 10k a game weren’t they. Most sides should really be targeting 8-10k for ordinary games and over 10 for their major fixtures. A large part of the reason their attendances are so bad now is because they play the middle of no where for 80% of the city

Exactly where they are now. They weren’t getting much more than 10k at Suncorp.

Playing in Redcliffe is the equivalent of us playing in Gosford, but without a train line at the doorstep.


Even when Grant was “upgraded” to a red?

Yes. Even though the ref made a mistake, it is a part of the game that I am prepared to live with.
I do not know whether it has changed, but when I played cricket the LBW law used to state “If in the umpires opinion…”. By the law the umpire was always correct.
VAR is destroying the game.


Ballymore would seem to be a better solution size wise than Suncorp but from memory it’s atrocious for transport.

The problem there isn’t size - it’s the fact that Redcliffe is in a bloody awful position for the majority of the Brisbane population.

That peninsular on the top centre is Redcliffe.

It’s the equivalent of us playing in Berowra and expecting people from all over the city to show up.

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Yeah, I remember where Moreton Bay is. The location aspect can’t be helping.

I know its a pipedream, but I really think the best model would be to play most home games in no bigger than 20k stadiums (usually 10-15k is sufficient) and only play the big games in the bigger stadiums (Sydney and Melbourne derbies, Big Blue). Create a bit of hype and a bit of a clamour for tickets.