A League Men - Round 17 Discussion - 2022-23

Friday 17 February

University of Tasmania Stadium
Western United v Wellington

Saturday 18 February

Campbelltown Stadium
Macarthur v Newcastle

Australia’s Shame v City

Macedonia Park
Perth Glory v Central Coast Mariners

Sunday 19 February

Coopers Stadium
Adelaide v WSW

Surely the Victory fans won’t embarass themselves again right?


Hard to get somewhat excited to watch this.

The signs are not good.

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They can do plenty without the authorities docking them even a point, so why not eh?

“Do not give in to provocations” :rofl:

I would watch Western games every week if we could just have a Diamanti view all game. Doesn’t matter if he isn’t brought on. His facial expressions :joy:

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Diamanti offers more than Troisi. Might as well start him

Good to see the Nix put away an ordinary team. They don’t do this nearly often enough, given how dangerous they are going forward.

On the other hand, has Doumbia actually done anything useful since signing for WU?

Can’t believe they refer to them as CFG. Talk about being petty

Almost expecting an announcement from OSM that you’re only a real football club if taken over by an American investment firm.


Has the Macarthur game been pushed back an hour? KeepUp now saying 6pm kick-off.


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They should have just sent a text to their 8 fans

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Lots of thunder and lightning around Campbelltown. The rains eased, but still lots of boom crash opera.

I almost don’t want to watch the melbourne derby, I’m afraid of what’s going to happen.

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At least there’s another game. Mac vs Jets game re-starting at 7:25pm AEDT. Or maybe that was for the warm-up.

We’re at the Melbourne derby, the mobi-ticket site went down about an hour ago so there’s at least a couple thousand people outside waiting to get their tickets manually printed at one of the 5 open windows. The cops do not look like they’re enjoying the crowd :slight_smile:

And we seem to have gieven up on blocking off the bays