A-League Men - Round 21 Discussion - 2022-23

Friday 7:45pm - Adelaide vs Wellington
Saturday 5:00pm - Brisbane vs Western
Saturday 5:00pm - Newcastle vs Perth
Sunday 5:00pm - Australia’s Shame vs CCM
Sunday 7:00pm - Macarthur vs City


Those were exactly my tips on KeepUp.

I also tipped the derby to be a draw, but not really based on anything other than not wanting to tip the scum and being slightly superstitious in tipping us.

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Tip for the tipsters - Mariners haven’t won in Victoria in eight years.

So they are due! Get on the yellow peril

That’s quite a stat geez 8 years??

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Everyone loses when they go to Victoria. Even if your team ends up ahead on the scoreboard


Probably going to have to watch tonight’s game. The Adelaide Friday home games usually go alright.

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What was that?

That is an absolute shocker.

Just turned on the game to watch Barbarouses miss that.

Fucking embarrassing.

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Another week the app still refuses to work. Can’t even airplay or chromecast. Fucked.

I had all sorts of issues getting it to work on my ChromeCast tonight.

Turn it off and back in again, and it eventually came good, but that might be placebo.

No other app has any problems. Just P+.

Entertaining first half that

Craig Goodwin is a very good footballer.

I’m not looking forward to us having to play Adelaide in a few weeks.

It’s funny… now that he plays for someone else.

Depressing to know that a Sydney FC team under current management won’t score a goal like the one Adelaide just did.

It’s 4-1 and they’ve only just brought Irankunda did. JFC …

Yes. Yes he is.


5-1 and Wellington haven’t been that awful.